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Heroes and Villains: The 10 Strongest One Piece Characters Ranked

Strongest One Piece Character
Strongest One Piece Characters Ranked

Top 10 Strongest One piece Character

In current history, manga has grown more and more well-liked, in part due to the growth of the internet. In regards to its storyline and aesthetic style, the manga had a significant impact on our culture. One Piece is one of the most epic well-known shonen manga series ever. Since 1997, when it began serializing, it has been a manga fan’s first choice. It is known for its amazing global building and plot and its strong cast of characters. These characters are so charismatic in their way to attract the audience that they stand out from the others. 

In case you’re a fan of the one-piece series, we have listed out the top strongest One Piece characters in this article. They are listed down below.



Monkey D Luffy is one of the strongest One Piece characters. He is the real supportive character of One piece. His careless actions finally put him in danger, and Shanks lost an arm trying to save him. He faced a tremendous challenge in the Wano Country arc because he was opposed to Kaido, who was the most powerful creature globally at that time.

Strongest One Piece Character


Dracule Mihawk is also one of the most powerful One Piece characters. He is also called Hawk-Eye Mihawk. He is acknowledged as the most powerful swordsman at a global level. He rides in a tiny boat that is moulded like a coffin and has pale skin. The Grosse Messer, which has a black blade known as the yoru, is his weapon of choice. He would only put aside his ego and seek advice on the use of the sword if doing so would enable him to assist another.

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Blackbeard is also one of the most powerful one-piece characters. He is solely the character who possesses two devil fruits—beginning with the Yami Yami no Mi, an evil fruit of something like the logia kind that enables him to mitigate the outcome of other demonic fruit and control shadows.

Gura Gura no Mi is the other devil fruit, and it allows him to cause earthquakes wherever. This extra special fruit can completely tear down the world. These are the characteristics that really make him one of the most powerful one-piece characters.


Shanks is also one of the strongest One Piece characters seen. He can use Haki, which is the premium color of the king. Shanks eventually gains a position among the Four Emperors after rescuing the life of Luffy. However, he lost his arm and donated his priceless straw hat, which belonged to his late captain Gol D. Roger.


Sabo is also one of the Strongest One Piece characters seen in the manga. He is the chief of the revolutionary army. A Celestial Dragon destroys his ship. Sabo was believed to have perished in the strike but was saved by Monkey D. Dragon; despite having a partial loss of memory, he lived through it.

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Eustass kid is also one of the most powerful One Piece characters seen in the manga. Killer, a pal from his youth, is one of his team. Kid consumed the Magnet-Magnet Fruit, which is a Demonic Fruit that endows him with the ability to use magnetism to draw and manipulate metal items. During his strike with shanks, he lost one of his arms. 


Koby is also one of the most powerful one-piece characters seen in the manga. He was the initial friend who was made by Luffy. He runs away, enters the Navy, and serves it, where he catches Vice Admiral Garp’s attention and is taken underneath his team. He gains proficiency in six powers. He might not be particularly strong right now, but by the conclusion of the series, he’ll be on par with Luffy in regard to strength.


The smoker is also one of the strongest One Piece characters seen in the manga. He is a navy officer, and he is a character who is very much interested in the ci gar. He used to light two ci-gars at the same time when he smoked. He also carries a lot of ci-gars on the lateral side of his coat. He is blessed with Logia-type Smoke-smoke fruit, which enables him to build, exploit and modify the smoke. Jutte with sea-prism stone is his weapon of choice.

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Sanji is another interesting and one of the most powerful characters in the manga. He is also the Germa kingdom prince. At age 9, he resists a large ship party headed by the famed “Red Foot” Zeff while working as an amateur chef on the passenger liner. Even during the confrontation, a huge wave sweeps Sanji further into the water. He frequently engages the third most powerful foe on the other side due to his immense potency. Sanji’s power has been steadily increasing over time, and the Wano battle, when his skills will be put to the utmost test, will see him develop even more.


Roronoa Zoro is also one of the most powerful one-piece characters. He seeks to overcome “Hawk Eye” Mihawk and surpass him as the finest sword fighter at a global level to keep a pledge to Kuina, his late early life companion and competitor. He is also popularly called a “Pirate Hunter” as he was searching for Mihawk, and in the meantime, he had to travel throughout the sea. He is renowned for having a terrible perception of direction and frequently needs help while out and about.


In this article, we have tried our best to list out all the strongest One Piece Characters for you, as we know how much you love the manga series. And the amount of charisma that each character carries is really attractive to the audience out there. I hope this article helped you a lot in exploring more about your favourite characters.

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