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5 Female Anime Characters Who Are Undeniably Fantastic

5 Female Anime Characters Who Are Undeniably Fantastic

Anime has lately seen huge success globally, with more users becoming interested in it. Anime refers to Japanese animation, however, it idue to it’s global interest, it has become quite the umbrella term for many different animations. One common aspect of top animes is the inclusion of key female characters which contribute heavily to the storyline. Let’s look at the top five right now.

Akame – Akame Ga Kill!

Akame, also known as Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame, is the main protagonist of the prequel manga Akame ga Kill! Zero and the co-titular heroine and key anti-heroine of the original Akame ga Kill! series with Tatsumi.

She plays a significant supporting role in Hinowa ga Yuku! as Hinata’s private swords teacher and Elder’s Class combat trainer.

Assigned to assassinate Night Raid’s leader, General Najenda, Akame defected to the rebels and assisted them in destroying the monarchy for which she and her sister Kurome had been sold to the Empire.

Leina Vance – Queen’s Blade

The protagonist of the Queen’s Blade series is Leina. She is the next in line to be the heir of the aristocratic Vance family, of whom she is the middle sister. However, she has no intention of becoming a countess, and instead runs away to become a fighter like her late mother Maria, ultimately competing in the Queen’s Blade competition. Leina wears silver armor with brown belts across, and is equipped with an “Evindil” longsword and a buckler.

Makima – Chainsaw Man

Makimawa, a key member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, took Denji under her wing after he was adopted as a pet. In the end, her true nature as the Control Devil is revealed. The fear that comes with absolute power is symbolized here. She dies and reincarnates as Nayuta. Everything wrong with “The Public Safety Saga” could be attributed to her. Makima is a significant player in Chainsaw Man’s world due to her demon abilities (both physical and magical), as well as her cunning and manipulation. She is a powerful force in her demonic form, instilling fear in her adversaries, friends, and even fellow demons.

Tatsumaki – One Punch Man

Tatsumaki, often known as Tornado of Terror, is one of the toughest professional heroes out there. The Psychic Sisters are she and her sister collectively known. Tatsumaki, the second-ranked S-Class hero, has amazing strength. She is both one of the strongest heroes overall and the strongest esper to date. She is compared by Fubuki to Sweet Mask, a monster that stays in the A-Class rather than moving up to the S-Class to keep the weak from rising up the ranks.

Nakoruru – Samurai Shodown

Nakoruru may be recognizable from her appearances in the Samurai Shodown video games. She is also often used by SNK as a mascot for environmental awareness advertisements and social action campaigns geared toward youngsters, frequently with Terry Bogard. In addition to her roles in the main series, Nakoruru also appears in various video games and drama CDs. She is the main vocalist of her character image CD and a member of The Band of Fighters by SNK.


Anime has started to gain more attention worldwide, especially with an adult audience. Due to this widespread appeal, anime has inspired works of art, songs, and even casino games including the Moon Princess slot. Intricate storylines, designs and animation which are no short of being a work of art, and an interesting fanbase culture all contribute to anime’s sustained growth. It is definitely a medium which is here to stay.

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