5 Romantic Movies on Netflix That Definitely Will Break Your Heart

What better genre to watch when you’re in the mood for a Netflix binge than a romantic television drama? Watching a sad romantic film is a great way to spice up your viewing experience and inspire you to fix things with your significant other or get back together with an ex. Whatever the case, we’ve got you prepared with a list of the five most romantic movies now available on Netflix, guaranteed to make you weep and reach for a box of tissues.

Romantic Movies

Romantic Movies

Everyone can find some more romantic movies that will surely leave you in tears. They include as following:

Romantic Movies

Release year/ Director

All the Bright Places

Brett Haley – 2020

Irreplaceable You

Stephanie Laing – 2018

Marriage Story

Noah Baumbach – 2019

Someone Great

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson – 2019

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Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2022)

The film is a love drama directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre and based on a book by D. H. Lawrence from 1928. It tells the narrative of Lady Constance Chatterley. Clifford is Connie’s husband and returns from World War I with a disability below the waist. When Connie’s husband starts paying less attention to her and seeks interest in exploiting others, she starts dating gamekeeper Oliver Mellors. Many individuals don’t understand what causes infidelity in relationships. Though some viewers may have given Connie a pass in light of the circumstances, this doesn’t mean that the majority agrees with her decision to pursue her passions. Despite being criticised by others who said that a loyal partner would never leave their hurting spouse, she found love with another.

Romantic Movies

Connie’s first true love was Clifford, but as time passed, she grew to dislike him. As things start badly with Clifford not giving Connie the physical attention she needs, they only worsen as Connie’s husband prioritises his interest above addressing her personal needs. Connie’s sister, Hilda, persuades him to employ Mrs Bolton. Hilda realises that Connie will become exhausted trying to take care of him. Due to Clifford’s vicious remarks at the local coal miners and his denial that they have any compassion due to their low position, Connie’s distance from him grows into total contempt for him.

Movie Characters

Suppose you’re seeking a love tale that challenges your assumptions about the proper role of men and women in a relationship and the importance of satisfying your partner’s lustful needs. In that case, you should check out Lady Chatterley’s Lover. If you’re looking for sad romance, this is up there. The movie characters were portrayed by:

  • Lady Chatterley/Constance “Connie” Reid – Emma Corrin
  • Oliver Mellors – Jack O’Connell
  • Sir Clifford Chatterley – Matthew Duckett
  • Mrs Bolton – Joely Richardson
  • Mrs Flint – Ella Hunt
  • Hilda – Faye Marsay

A Jazzman’s Blues (2022)

In all likelihood, you will recognise the high calibre of this masterpiece if you share our enthusiasm for Tyler Perry’s previous efforts. This period-based romantic tragedy, produced by Tyler Perry Studios and accessible on Netflix, follows a young jazz pianist. While living in the Jim Crow Deep South of Georgia State, he falls in love with a local girl called Leanne Jean Harper, also known as Bucket.

You will be taken gently through a narrative of love that lasts through hardship in “A Jazzman’s Blues,” The experience will leave you feeling profoundly moved.

The foreboding undertones remind us of horrific historical episodes when black people were compelled to escape for their lives. Tyler was allowed greater leeway to experiment with the tale and provide more emotional depth. Although he is constantly shifting course, he keeps everything from disintegrating. Get a bowl of popcorn and sit for the show to find out what happens.

Purple Hearts (2022)

‘Purple Hearts’ is the sort of movie you’d want to watch if you’re the kind that gets excited by reading both positive and negative reviews of a film on various social media sites. As soon as the film was released, rumours arose on social media and in the mainstream media that it was built on racist and sexist stereotypes and that it was a love story broadcast on Netflix that revealed a hidden facet of American society. The film, directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum and starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, has racked up over 100 million hours of viewing time. The film has been streamed on Netflix and is expected to become one of the service’s most popular original offerings.

As of the year 2021, when Netflix purchased them, the film rights had previously been owned by Alloy Entertainment. At its centre are Cassie, a young budding singer who has diabetes and cannot afford the costs connected with her insulin, and Luke, a young soldier ready to be sent to Iraq. The two principal characters were meant to be so different from one another to demonstrate the adage “opposites attract.” While Luke is a staunch conservative eager to go to war in the Middle East, his woman Cassie is a feminist who opposes discrimination. On the other hand, Luke cannot wait to go to the Middle East and start fighting.

The Movie Characters

It’s clear from the start that they will hate one other, and their hatred only grows from there. Nonetheless, they agree to marry under pretences to take advantage of the military’s spousal benefits. If Luke agrees to this bargain, he can pay off his obligation to a drug dealer, and Cassie has a greater chance of getting the care she needs. The movie characters were portrayed by:

  • Cassie Salazar – Sofia Carson
  • Luke Morrow – Nicholas Galitzine
  • Frankie – Chosen Jacobs
  • Toby – John Harlan Kim
  • Nora – Kat Cunning
  • Jacob Morrow Sr. – Linden Ashby

Passing (2021)

The tragic romance film has a surprise that viewers won’t see coming. It gets a kick out of giving its audience more questions than solutions. Rebecca Hall makes her directorial debut with the black and white feature picture Passing (The Prestige). Racial passing, in which African-Americans with lighter skin tones pass for white to obtain acceptance and escape segregation, is a central theme in both the book and the film. Nella, the novel’s author, took inspiration for the novel’s plot from an era of her life when she identified as a lady of mixed racial heritage. Racial passing was more common during the 1920s because it was a difficult time for people of colour in the United States. Rather than seeking whiteness or social acceptance as a driving force, Irene and Clare in Passing are driven by a longing for the past. The movie characters were portrayed by:

  • Irene “Reenie” Redfield – Tessa Thompson
  • Clare Bellew – Ruth Negga
  • Brian Redfield – André Holland
  • Hugh Wentworth – Bill Camp
  • John Bellew – Alexander Skarsgard
  • Dave Freedland – Gbenga Akinnagbe

The Last Letter From Your Lover (2021)

“The Last Letter From Your Lover” will have you engrossed, captivated, and maybe even in tears. “The Last Letter From Your Lover” is of this kind, and the story follows four primary protagonists. Those who go to the movies expecting to have questions about the film’s ending and seek solutions online will like this film. The story of Jennifer and Anthony’s arduous courting is one example. Woodley’s Jennifer Stirling is a sad woman who despises her life. She’s accomplished professionally, married to the man she loves (Laurence), and yet feels that something is missing from her life. While on vacation with Laurence to the French Riviera, Jennifer met and quickly became close to Anthony. They hit it off instantly and were fast friends. When their friendship turns into love, the two of them decide to make a break for it.

The second couple in the narrative is Ellie and Rory. Despite her pessimism towards love and relationships, Ellie is intrigued by a long-lost love letter. Together with Rory, she discovers the answer throughout her inquiry. Moreover, the two are once again attracted to one another and grow closer to one another. Ellie is more reserved than most people expect when discussing her feelings for Rory. While the film concludes somberly, it may still leave some viewers unanswered questions.

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