86 Anime Season 2 Release Date is set for Fall 2021

One more fantastic series is heading our way in the upcoming fall season. 86 Anime season 2 release date has been confirmed and the second part of series will be released in October this year. The release date was announced in a special program as the first cour of the series ended last week.

86 Anime season 2 release date

86 Anime Season 2 Release DateOctober 2021

The announcement was made with a teaser for the second part of the popular series via the official Twitter account too. You can check out the official PV here. The teaser shows a robot activating its laser and then it ends with date announcement.


The first part of the 86 anime series started airing on 11th April 2021 and ended on 20th June 2021 after releasing a total of 11 episodes. It looks like second cour will have the same number of episodes. The first cour for the series was animated by A-1 Pictures studio which is very likely to return for the second cour too.

Story of 86 Series

The series is based on a light novel series of the same name. In the series, a war is going on. The Empire of Giad declared war nine years ago on all neighboring countries using his robot army known as Legion. The Republic of San Magnolia evacuated their citizens inside 85 districts and left some Juggernauts in district 86 to fight Legion.

86 Anime Season 2 Release Date is set for Fall 2021 PV Teaser

Juggernauts are considered unarmed drones and no casualties are reported by the destruction of Juggernauts. but the reality is quite different. The Colorata people are used as the processors of Juggernauts directed by Republicans. The story follows a handler Milize Vladilena and a Juggernaut squad captain Nouzen Shinei.

These are all the details we have now for 86 Anime season 2. We will update you if we receive more information related to 86 anime season 2. Till then, You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about your favorite anime and manga series.

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