Anime Recommendations To be Inspired for Educational Research

Anime Recommendations To be Inspired for Educational Research

Studying in college is one of the challenges many students decide to say yes to. Even though at times you might feel you do not have the resources to cope with it, you can find inspiration and motivation in everything around you. And as technology has made anything accessible to anyone at any moment, you have so many multimedia files you can use in education.

Some of the papers you might need to write might focus on educational research. Even though you are not a student but a researcher, you also need motivation and inspiration to conduct your research. You might have tried distinct ways to find new innovative ideas. But have you ever taken a look into the anime world? Some people might see it as childish, but it comes with so much value you can actually implement it in your life. So, let’s see the most inspiring and motivating anime you can watch that can boost your creativity when it comes to educational research.

The Royal Tutor

Sometimes, when you have to complete your tasks, you might feel like not doing them. There can be various reasons for this, but one of the main ones is a lack of motivation and inspiration. Even when you have to do your research in education, you might feel drawn back by this. So, even though it might sound strange, you can be inspired by watching an anime. And The Royal Tutor might be one of the most inspiring ones. It is about four princes who are preparing to become kings one day. And all their previous teachers were not the right ones, so this is the one that motivates them to learn more.

Watching how every character in the anime is on their way to improving themselves can turn out to be really inspiring. And it can, of course, come up with some ideas for your educational research. There are absolutely free papers by StudyMoose and many free examples of essays that show the benefits of watching anime. Any student working on a research paper might look for examples of essays. The teacher comments for students’ writing have to be excellent so that the student contract for grades will not be affected. Grading college papers as a teacher is not an easy thing. You are looking for structure, logic, and cohesiveness in the text. And if the student is not motivated to write a compelling paper, you will likely observe this when you read the paper. So, The Royal Tutor can inspire you to pursue your academic tasks, and also inspire you for your educational research.

Assassination Classroom

If you have not heard about this anime before, you should definitely watch it. Besides presenting some motivating journeys, it also comes with useful lessons you can learn a lot. It presents the reality of studying, both the traditional and the modern one. And it can really inspire you to find a relevant educational topic for your research, but also how to present your arguments and points of view.


If you want something that is intellectual, then you should definitely add Hyouka to your list. It is a mysterious anime series, so you might enjoy how the information is presented. Of course, some part of the story is related to studying, but this topic is not approached in a boring way. Rather, it forces you to think outside the box and about some really deep topics. Which can inspire you to work on your educational research and write a powerful paper.

Final Thoughts

When you work on your educational research and you feel you have no inspiration, you might start looking for things that motivate you. Being creative comes with practice too, but you can also boost this quality by using all the multimedia tools you have at hand. And one of them is watching anime. Even though many would see this as childish, anime chooses to approach some deep topics that come with useful lessons. And more importantly, they come with inspiration and motivation to work on your educational research.

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