Anime TV Series And Movies With Horses

Anime TV Series And Movies With Horses

The world of anime series is a never-ending saga that introduces us to interesting heartwarming stories and vibrant visuals that entertain us for decades.

Most people would underestimate anime TV series, but they are shocked to find out that actually, close to 3 billion people watch such content regularly.

But even though there are much different anime series, most of them feature similar stories that can get boring over time.

If you are an anime lover and want something new, we suggest that you take a look at some of the best anime animal-themed series.

From magical ponies to majestic stallions, these anime titles are sure to satisfy your equine cravings. If you occasionally engage in horse betting you will love these.

So, saddle up, and let’s take a ride through some of the best anime TV series and movies with horses!

Best Anime TV Series With Horses

My Little Pony

Even if you’ve never heard about My Little Pony, there is a good chance that you’ve seen this action figure in your local toy store.

But, the story doesn’t get too deep like most anime series, and there is a good reason for that. My Little Pony is aimed at children, but it is not wrong to watch it as an adult.

This cute and colorful TV series features magical ponies, catchy songs, and heartwarming messages about the true power of friendship.

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is a more realistic look at the world of horses. This anime TV series follows Yugo Hachiken, a city lad who enrolls at a rural agricultural school.

Yes, you heard it right. The story is no average anime story.

He learns the ins and outs of farming along the way, including how to care for horses, cows, and pigs. This TV series will help you realize the hard effort that goes into creating the food we consume, with a bit of comedy and love.

Princess Mononoke

Here we have a bit older, but still not outdated anime series that features animals, including horses.

If you’re looking for an epic journey, go no farther than Princess Mononoke. This classic Studio Ghibli animation film follows Ashitaka, a young prince who becomes engaged in a struggle between humans and forest spirits.

Even though it is not directly aimed at horses, there is a ton of horse action that will please all animal lovers.

With a gorgeous tune and amazing animation, this film is a feast for the eyes and ears.


This anime series is like a shot of espresso for your eyeballs, with its vibrant animation and lovable cast of equine characters.

From the graceful Arabian mare Scarlet to the lovable Clydesdale, Pepper, there’s a horse for every viewer to root for.

And let’s not forget the human characters, who bring their own unique quirks to the table. With drama, humor, and plenty of horse-related hijinks, Horseland is a wild ride that will leave you cheering for more. So, grab some hay and settle in for a horsey adventure like no other!

Umamusume: Pretty Derby

This anime series takes the concept of anthropomorphic animals to a whole new level, with its cast of adorable horse girls competing in high-stakes races.

From the speedy Silence Suzuka to the elegant Gold Ship, each character has their own unique abilities and personalities that make them stand out.

And with a plot that mixes drama, comedy, and plenty of horse puns, Umamusume is a surefire winner. So, get your binoculars ready and cheer on your favorite filly as they sprint towards the finish line. It’s a race you won’t want to miss!

Fanfare of Adolescence

Now this is an anime series that is directly connected to horses, particularly horse racing. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many anime TV series that covers horse racing, so you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

Fanfare of Adolescence is an Anime TV series that follows the story of a group of boys that want to become professional jockeys.

This is more drama-based than focused directly on horse racing. Most of the series focuses on Yu, which is the main character, as well as Shun Kazanami.

The best thing about the Fanfare of Adolescence is that all of the characters are quite impactful. This means that it is not your average and casual anime TV series. It goes much deeper than that.

Another important aspect is the visuals. Most Anime TV Series lack in capturing real-world horse-riding movement, and fortunately, this one managed to pull it off beautifully with CG.

So, if you want something that is directly connected to horse racing to warm you up before the Kentucky Derby, this is the anime to go for.

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