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Attack On Titan Chapter 134 Raw Scans, Spoilers

Attack on Titan Chapter 134
Attack on Titan Chapter 134

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 is just about to get released and fans from all over the are very excited to see how things are going to take a turn in this upcoming chapter. And the other reason for excitement is the upcoming anime season Attack on Titan Season 4 which is going to be one of the best anime for sure.

Season 4 is just around the corner and manga is also in its final stages but the ending of manga is not completed and one can not predict what is going to happen next. The mastermind behind the world-famous Anime and Manga Series is Hajime Iseyama.

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 will be released on 9th November 2020. AOT 134 first drops in Japan and then it will get released in different regions and you can check the timings according to your timezone.

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Attack on Titan Chapter 134 Release DateNovember 9th 2020
Attack on Titan Chapter 134 Raw Scans6th November 2020

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 Raw Scans/ AOT 134 Raw

AOT 134 Raw Scans are not completely out but partial AOT 134 raw scans are out on various social media platforms and are enough to give you an idea of what is happening. The complete AOT 134 raw scans will be out in some time and we have covered all the spoilers in the Attack on Titan Chapter 134 Spoilers Section. You can check them below

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 Spoilers/ AOT 134 Spoilers

AOT 134
AOT 134

Attack on Titan manga is in the final stage and is going to end in the upcoming 2-3 chapters and if we expect a 2020 end then the next chapter 135 will be the last chapter of the manga.

AOT 134 Spoilers are covered on the basis of leaked Raw Scans and if you are sensitive to the spoilers we recommend that you don’t read this section and wait for the official release.

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  • The official Title of  Attack on Titan Chapter 134 is ‘In the Depths of Despair’.
  • Colossal Titans are attacking people all over the world – colossal titans are attacking people everywhere and people are being crushed and ripped apart by them. People are jumping from the cliffs to escape from the titans.
  • Beast Giant saves Eren – Beast Giant saves Eren by throwing back the cannonballs that were aimed at Eren from the airship but Beast Giant reverts the attack.
  • Armin is going to talk with Eren about him being free.

These are the available spoilers at the current time if we receive more information then we will update this article. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about AOT 134 spoilers and more.

One more thing we want to mention that we want you to read the manga only from the official sources and keep supporting the artist for their work.

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