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(UPDATE) Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Raw Scans, Spoilers Release Date

Attack On Titan Chapter 138 is less than a week away and fans have already started praying that their favorite character survive this month’s apocalypse but with the manga ending with the next chapter we can expect some very unexpected scenes.

In the last chapter, Zeke was killed by Captain Levi after he showed his nape and waved at him. Armin made a deal with Ymir to stop the rumbling and has taken the place of Ymir. After this Armin left the paths and joined the battle to save his allies.

Attack On Titan AOT SNK 138 Raw Scans, Spoilers Release Date
Attack On Titan Chapter 138

Bertolt, Ymir, and Galliard brothers were trying to save Reiner Braun and Annie. Mikasa and Gabi defeated the beast titan who swallowed Armin and was able to free Armin. Jean, blew off Eren’s Titan’s head using detonators. Falco leaves the area with the team on his body so that Colossal Titan can destroy Founder Titan’s body.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 will be released in Japan on 9th March 2021. AOT 138 will be simultaneously released in Japan and in English subtitles in different regions by official partners.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date9th March 2021
Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Raw5th March 2021

The release time and date may vary depending on your timezone. We are sharing some release times if your country or region is not included convert it using a time converter.

  • Pacific Release Time: 9 AM 
  • Central Release Time: 11 AM 
  • Eastern Release Time: Noon 
  • British Release Time: 5 PM
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NEWSAttack on Titan Manga is ending in April 2021

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Raw

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Raw Scans are not out yet but the spoiler for the upcoming chapter are out and soon raw scans will be out too. Bookmark this article and keep checking for the raw scans. Also, read the leaked spoilers in the spoilers section below

Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin AOT SNK Chapter 138 Raw Scans - 3
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Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin AOT SNK Chapter 138 Raw Scans - 4
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Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin AOT SNK Chapter 138 Raw Scans - 5
Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin AOT SNK Chapter 138 Raw Scans - 1
Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Leak – 1 (Source – Reddit)
Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin AOT SNK Chapter 138 Raw Scans - 2
Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Leak – 2 (Source – Twitter)

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Spoilers 

  • Title – ‘A Long Dream’
  • The rumbling stops and the big titan disappears.
  • Mikasa recalls the scene where Eren said that he hates her.
  • Gabi and Flaco reunite with their families.
  • Pieck meets her dad.
  • Annie is also looking for her dad.
  • After the explosion that happened in chapter 137, Reiner and Armin get up.
  • Another explosion behind them.
  • Eren appears and the rumbling titans continue to move.
  • The battle is far from being over.
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  • Levi asks Mikasa and Pieck to get on Falco’s titan and fight.
  • Reiner looks at Gabi Jean and Connie.
  • Pieck and Annie helps Reiner.
  • People are turning into titans due to the vapor.
  • Armin and Eren talk before fighting.
  • Mikasa can be seen on Falco’s titan flying in the sky.
  • Mikasa wakes up with a severe headache.
  • Mikasa sees Eren waking her up. (Probably a dream)
  • A short-haired Eren lives with Mikasa in a small hut on a mountain.
  • Mikasa is all teared up but then she talks to Eren and makes a decision.
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  • The scene shifts to reality.
  • Armin, Reiner, and others are fighting titans.
  • Mikasa wraps the red scarf around her and asks Levi to help her enter Eren’s Titan’s mouth.
  • Levi uses a thunder spear on Eren’s teeth and Mikasa enters.
  • Mikasa find Eren and Eren looks at her.
  • Mikasa holds and kisses Eren’s head.
  • Ymir is watching all this.
  • Source – Zekken (Chinese leaker)
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One more spoiler has surrounded over the internet and nothing has been confirmed about these spoilers being true but you can still read them below.

  • Title – ‘Humanity’s New Dawn’
  • Zeke is in paths and is not aware of his surroundings.
  • Zeke is not in his human form.
  • Historia has given birth to her child and is still unconscious.
  • The labor pain and tension were too much for her.
  • During the explosion, Reiner was seriously hurt.
  • Armin rescued him but Reiner died.
  • Mrs. Braun thinks her son died a hero.
  • Ymir has returned to paths but her called titans are still in the outside world.
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  • Falco’s titan was knocked out by a jumping titan.
  • Scouts can be seen flying just after this scene.
  • Levi directly lands on the ground and hits the floor.
  • Levi can not get up as he hurt his leg badly.
  • Jean tried to catch Pieck.
  • Connie was grabbed by a titan and was crushed by its jaws.
  • Connie is dead.
  • Falco killed the titan who killed Connie.
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  • in a panel, Mikasa, Jean, and Pieck are shown fighting for their lives while Ymir explains that the new world has begun.
  • Armin has a monologue where he talks about losing faith in everything.
  • Armin also says that everyone will have to die to give this world a new future.
  • After that Armin injures himself using bone fragments.
  • Ymir meets Eren in the paths.
  • Something related to Historia’s baby.
  • No much is mentioned about Eren in the chapter or maybe we get more leaks later.
  • More leaks will be updated if there are any so bookmark this article.
  • Source – @helosjean
Attack On Titan AOT SNK 138 Raw Scans, Spoilers Release Date
Attack On Titan 138

Here are all available AOT 138 spoilers at the moment if we receive more information about chapter then we will update this article as soon as possible. Till then, You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Attack on Titan Chapter 138 spoilers and more

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ComiXology is accepting pre-orders for the upcoming chapter for only $1.99. The Attack on Titan Manga is released monthly in Kodansha Comics‘ Bessatsu Monthly Magazine and the manga is written by well-known mangaka Hajime Isayama. We suggest you should always read the manga from official sources only, which will support the artist and the industry directly.

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