15 Best Action Romance Manhwa with OP MC

You have already found something to your taste in our previous list of the best romance manhwa to read. In today’s post, we will provide you with some of the best action romance manhwa with OP MC to read.

There is no doubt romance is one of the most trending manhwa genres among fans. We all enjoyed exploring the romantic love story, which was filled with heartwarming moments and showed us the true meaning of love.

But did you know what happens if we add action to a romantic story? Of course, it became more interesting and thrilling. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get straight to this wonderful list of the best action romance manhwa with OP MC.

15 Best Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC To Read

15. An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride

An Archdemon’s Dilemma
Source: An Archdemon’s Dilemma Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 58 (Still Ongoing)

Let’s start with a beautiful romance manhwa that features a beautiful couple: an archdemon and an elf girl. It follows the story of Zagan, an archdemon who went on an underground auction to buy a slave.

In this auction, Zagan sees Nephy, an elf girl, and immediately falls in love with her at first sight. He spends all his fortune to buy her and bring her to his home, not as a slave but as a life partner.

Since that day, their beautiful love story has begun and brought us plenty of romantic moments. Being an archdemon, Zagan is also often involved in battle with his enemies and brings plenty of action sequences.

14. Promised Orchid: Shortest Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC

Promised Orchid: Shortest Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Promised Orchid Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 5 (Finished in March 2022)

Promised Orchid features the mysterious love story of Jaesin Yang, a young guy and a mysterious red-haired girl who always comes into his dreams. After witnessing a tragic massacre in his childhood days, he had the same dream every night.

In his dream, a red-haired girl always tells him that she is waiting for him. To find the meaning of his dream, he moves to a haunted orchid road, where a demon tries to kill him.

However, he is saved by a red-haired girl who looks very similar to the girl whom he saw in his dream. Now, it’s very interesting to know if she is the same girl and what his relationship is with her.

13. Trapped

Source: Trapped Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 10 (Finished in September 2022)

Trapped Manhwa features a very unusual relationship between Chae-a Han, an ex-convict, and Yunsu Park, a vampire. Chae-a Han seems like a perfect angel at church, but she is a foul-mouthed girl.

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Due to some reasons, Yunsu blackmails Chae for a murder that she did not commit. However, she tries her best to escape from the tense situation while also creating fake traps for Yunsu.

As they try to escape from their traps, they gradually fall deeper into each other’s traps. Now, it’s very interesting to see what happens next with them—are they always trying to trap each other or fall in love with each other?

12. Neolithic Girl

Neolithic Girl
Source: Neolithic Girl Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 97 (Finished in April 2023)

Neolithic Girl is another great action romance manhwa with OP MC. Suki Kang is the main character of the series, who has immortality and exceptional healing powers. Her immortality makes her an overpowered main character.

Even though she lived more than 10,000 years, she always made the same mistakes and failed to save people’s lives. Her current focus is on a guy named Jaeshin Lee, who has cancer.

On one hand, she gradually develops romantic feelings for him and falls in love for the first time. On the other hand, an evil clan is trying to find the secret behind Suki’s immortality and bring challenges to her.

11. Author of My Own Destiny

Author of My Own Destiny
Source: Author of My Own Destiny Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 95 (Still Ongoing)

The author of My Own Destiny depicts the story of Fiona, an evil magician who is destined to kill at the hands of the protagonist couple. She is mistreated by her family and thrown into the battle at the kingdom.

However, she unfortunately became the author of the story and made some necessary changes. Now, she decides to use her magical abilities for good purposes despite choosing evil’s way of being a villain.

Moreover, she also rescues Siegren, the male lead of the story, and turns him from enemy to friend. It is very interesting to see what happens next. Does Siegren leave his original partner and get into a relationship with Fiona, or does the story remain the same as what the original author wrote?

10. Villainess Level 99

Villainess Level 99
Source: Villainess Level 99 Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 18 (Still Ongoing)

Villainess Level 99 is one of the best isekai manhwa with OP MC to read. It follows the story of Yumiella Dolkness, a beautiful young girl who unfortunately reincarnated in an RPG game world as its hidden main villain.

Even though she is the main villain, she decides to live a peaceful life by keeping her real identity hidden. Moreover, she is not leveling herself up just to keep her identity hidden.

However, she accidentally levels up and reaches level 99 as her sidekick enters the game. Now, Yumiella clears all the obstacles by being a villain while also sharing a romantic relationship with her classmate, Patrick Ashbatten.

9. Locker And Opener

Locker And Opener
Source: Locker And Opener Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 7 (Finished in April 2021)

Locker and Opener feature a wonderful love story between two opposite individuals. Dobin Kim is a young detective known as Opener who has the special ability to open anything, even people’s minds.

While unlocking the thoughts of people and reading their minds, he easily solved all of his criminal cases. On the other hand, a beautiful girl known as Locker brought challenges to Dobin’s cases through her special ability.

Just like Dobin, she also had a special ability that allowed her to lock anything. As their ways continually intertwine, they gradually develop romantic feelings for each other. Now, it’s quite thrilling to see who first is going to unlock the way to enter each other’s hearts.

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8. Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

Scum Villain’s Self-Saving Syste
Source: Scum Villain’s Self-Saving Syste Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 12 (Still Ongoing)

Let’s move forward to another popular action romance manhwa with OP MC as well as one of the best Manhwa where MC is a Villain. It follows the story of Shen Yuan, a young guy who died from poisoning and got reincarnated into the world of his favorite novel.

Despite being reincarnated into the hero’s body, he gets into the villain’s body, named Shen Qingqiu. Now, he is struggling to maintain his role as a villain by engaging in several incredible battles with powerful opponents.

Later, the series takes an interesting twist when he develops romantic feelings for the main character of the novel. Is there any chance for their villain and hero’s love story, or do they end up enemies with each other?

7. My Bad Boyfriend

My Bad Boyfriend
Source: My Bad Boyfriend Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 100 (Finished in December 2020)

If you often consider your boyfriend a bad boyfriend, then “My Bad Boyfriend” is a great pick for you. It follows the story of Yu Geong, a beautiful girl who is unexpectedly approached by her school’s scariest guy.

Since that day, she has been involved in several surprising situations that make her school life worse. At first, she hated him the most, but gradually, her hatred turned into love.

This beautiful romance manhwa is the best example of why people consider hate to be a sign of love.

6. How to Fight (Viral Hit)

How to Fight (Viral Hit)
Source: How to Fight (Viral Hit) Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 196 (Still Ongoing)

“How to Fight,” the title of the series, is all enough to hook the interest of action lovers who just want to learn how to fight. The series revolves around Hobin Yoo, an unattractive, thin guy whom no one wants to become friends with and who even does not like to stand around him.

After following all the addictions on a YouTube channel, he gradually learns the true way to fight and becomes incredibly strong. Now, he begins beating those powerful guys who are bigger than him with minimal effort.

As a result, he immediately became the star of a YouTube channel that brought him money and fame, which he never dreamed of. Moreover, he also got girls’ attention and finally found his true partner, whom he had been waiting for a long time.

5. The Breaker Series

The Breaker Series
Source: The Breaker Series Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 76 (Still Ongoing)

The Breaker Series is a well-known action romance manhwa with OP MC and set in a world divided into two societies: a modern society and a secret martial arts society.

It follows the story of Chunwoo Han, a young martial artist who won the greatest martial art title called “Nine Arts Dragon.” Chunwoo moves from a secret society to a modern society and enrolls in a fictional school for a secret mission.

In this school, he meets Shiwoon Yi, the sexiest boy, and saves him from bullies. Moreover, Chunwoo also provides martial arts training to him and gradually develops feelings for him. Now, they share a beautiful romantic bond with each other while also engaging in incredible martial arts battles.

4. Eleceed: Most Viewed Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC

Eleceed: Most Viewed Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Eleceed Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 244 (Still Ongoing)

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Eleceed Manhwa is set in a world where people who were born with some sort of superpower are called awakened. It follows the boy’s love story between Jinwoo, who has superpowers, and Kayden, who is a secret agent.

Jinwoo had lightning-fast reflexes that he used to save people’s lives and fight against evil organizations. Kayden is an agent who is on a run and unfortunately gets stuck in the body of a fat cat.

After a series of unexpected events, they begin living together to save the world from evil forces. Now, they have brought us plenty of incredible action sequences as well as beautiful romantic moments.

3. Release That Witch

Release That Witch
Source: Release That Witch Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 355 (Still Ongoing)

Release that Witch is another great action romance manhwa with OP MC. It depicts the story of a modern-day engineer who transports himself to another world as a prince named Roland Wimbledon.

Moreover, this new world looks similar to medieval Europe and is filled with witches who have magical powers. Now, Roland uses his past-life engineering skills to bring civilization to a new world with the help of the witch’s magical powers.

Even though his engineering skills were normal in the past world, they’re a superpower for Roland in the new world and make him overpowered. On the other hand, he also engaged in a romantic relationship with two young ladies and brought us plenty of romantic moments.

2. Girls of the Wilds

Girls of the Wilds
Source: Girls of the Wilds Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 14 (Finished in July 2014)

Girls of the Wilds is one of the best action romances in Manhwa with OP MC. It depicts the story of Jaegu Song, a teen guy who enrolled in Wild High School.

This school was once an all-girls school but recently turned into a co-ed, and all the girls in the school are skilled martial artists. Since enrolling in the school, Jaegu has befriended several beautiful girls, including his main love interest, Queen, the sexiest girl.

While doing martial arts training with the school’s champion, Queen, he gradually falls in love with him. Aside from their beautiful love story, Jaegu also engages in fights with bullies and gangsters.

1. White Blood: Top Rated Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC

White Blood: Top Rated Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC
Source: White Blood Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 12 (Finished in November 2023)

White Blood is another must-read manhwa with OP MC that follows the peaceful life of Hayan Park, a lovely girl. However, her peaceful life is completely disturbed due to a sudden vampire attack.

To protect her loved ones, she takes help from local police officers. While continually fighting against evil vampires with police support, she gradually falls in love with one of the police officers.

The series is packed with incredible action sequences that every action lover enjoys to the fullest. Moreover, Hayan Park, the main character of the series, is incredibly powerful, which makes her an OP MC (Over Powered Main Character).


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this wonderful list of the 15 best action romance manhwa with OP MC to be useful and found something to your taste.

Each of the series features a beautiful love story filled with heartwarming moments and incredible action sequences. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful Manhwa recommendations and top lists.

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