Best Anime Advent Calendar Christmas Gifts For Anime Lovers

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or you’re a huge anime fan yourself and want to treat yourself this Christmas, an anime advent calendar is just what you need! Advent calendars have become an indispensable tradition when it comes to celebrating Christmas, which is why you can find all kinds of them. Anime fans have not been forgotten either, and today you can also find Japanese anime advent calendars. If you want to know more about them, stay till the end!

Best Anime Advent Calendar Christmas Gifts

What is Anime Advent Calendar?

An Advent calendar is a special type of calendar that is used to count down the days until Christmas. Since the date of the first week of Advent varies, many Advent calendars often begin on December 1st. These calendars usually have 24 boxes or doors to open, one for each day until December 24th. Each box contains a gift. It can be a toy, candy, puzzle, game, etc.

Anime Advent Calendar

Over time, Advent calendars became a tradition around the world, and different themes began to be used for them. So, today we can find calendars that feature themes like sports, animals, and of course, anime.

Like the others, the anime advent calendar also has 24 windows that should be opened every day until Christmas, and each one contains a figurine of a character from that anime. The selection of anime advent calendars is large, so you will easily find one for your favorite anime.

Why Anime Advent Calendar is a good choice for anime lovers?

As the winter holidays approach, we need to decide what we want to give to others or simply take for ourselves. If you are an anime fan, the Japanese anime advent calendar is an ideal choice.

This fun activity will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit. All anime fans love characters from their favorite anime. Therefore, these calendars that have a lot of anime figurines are sure to be an ideal gift for anime lovers.

How to choose an anime advent calendar?

In theory, it’s not hard to decide which anime advent calendar you want. You can always take the one that features your favorite anime. However, the choice is so large that sometimes it is really challenging to decide on just one calendar.

As already said, you can always go for the safest option and get an anime advent calendar with the theme of your favorite anime. If you want to make things a little more interesting, you can always choose an anime whose theme matches the holiday you’re expecting. So for example, if you’re counting down the days until Christmas, you can choose some anime with a winter theme, or if it’s Halloween, there are a lot of anime with monsters.

Of course, as we live in a world driven by money, it is normal to choose the cheapest option. Just be careful with sites that sell these calendars at too low a price. Although at first glance this offer looks good, the reason for the low price may be the poor quality of the figurines.

Where can I buy an anime advent calendar?

Today, it is very easy to find a site that sells anime advent calendars. In addition to online anime stores, you can find these calendars at your local anime shop, as well as on all major trading platforms such as Amazon.

The site you should definitely visit if you intend to buy a Japanese anime advent calendar is Here you will find every calendar you are interested in and more. In addition, high quality at reasonable prices is guaranteed. The great discounts on this site should also be mentioned because they give all anime fans the opportunity to afford at least one anime advent calendar.

Best Anime Advent Calendars In 2022

Finally, something should be said about those calendars that offer you the most.

One Piece Advent Calendar

Anime Advent Calendar

Of course, a popular anime like One Piece had to have its own calendar that just had to be mentioned. For many fans, this is the best gift they can get, and with a good reason. There are 24 figurines that you get by buying this calendar. The theme of this calendar box is Luffy’s Nika Mode.

Naruto Advent Calendar

Anime Advent Calendar

Another indispensable calendar is the Naruto advent calendar. This is another very popular series whose calendar offers you a lot of great figurines. Any anime fan would like to have this calendar.

Pokemon Advent Calendar

Anime Advent Calendar

Finally, there is the legendary Pokemon advent calendar you should not miss. Among these awesome figurines, you will surely find your favorite character.


The holidays are getting closer and closer, and euphoria is taking over. The time of giving is coming and it’s the right moment to make an anime fan happy by getting them a Japanese anime advent calendar. This holiday activity is sure to entertain you, and you’ll also get tons of figurines that you’d otherwise spend twice as much money on.

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