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Top 15 Best Manhwa Where MC Is A Villain (Ranked)

You have already met and heard a lot about popular heroes and villains in the Manhwa world. But today we will talk about those popular manhwas where MC is a villain. Eren Yeager is the greatest example of the type of main character we are talking about. The MC doesn’t need to be the actual villain of the series; they will either be the anti-hero or evil in nature.

Here we include some of the must-read manhwa where MC chooses the path of the villain and performs countless evil acts. Some of them choose to become villains out of revenge, while others just enjoy being villains. Most of the series on the list come from the revenge genre because revenge is the thing that turns any good person into the most evil one. So let’s get straight to this wonderful list of the top 15 Manhwa where MC is a villain and grab something to your taste.

Note: Each of these manhwa where MC is a villain is ranked according to their fans’ popularity and the evilness of their main characters, regardless of their ratings and viewership.

Top 15 Manhwa Where MC Is A Villain (Ranked)

15. Limitless Abyss: Best Post-Apocalyptic Manhwa Where MC Is a Villain

Limitless Abyss
Source: Limitless Abyss Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 6 (On Hiatus)

Limitless Abyss is a popular manhwa where MC is a villain that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Everything on Earth is quite peaceful until mysterious gates appear from the sky, through which countless monsters emerge. These monsters are exceptionally strong and begin devouring humans, bringing destruction and chaos to the world.

Just like everyone else, the main character also struggles to survive in the post-apocalyptic world by fighting monsters. Moreover, he is not only facing external conflict with monsters but also internal conflicts. As a result, he unwillingly chooses evil ways to survive and save his loved ones from every danger.

14. FFF-Class Trash Hero: Best Isekai Manhwa Where MC Is a Villain

FFF-Class Trash Hero
Source: FFF-Class Trash Hero Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 172 (Still Ongoing)

FFF-Class Trash Hero is one of the best isekai manhwa with OP MC. The title of the series suggests that the MC is a trash hero with FFF class. However, he is not; this rank position is given to him in terms of his heroism and manners, not because of his strength or abilities. It follows the story of Kang Han Soo, who easily defeated the demon king in another world through his incredible power level.

Despite defeating the demon king with ease, he got a personality score of “F” because of his ruthless actions. As a result, he again reincarnated into the same fantasy world to start his journey. Now, it’s very thrilling to witness how he will react in his second attempt. Will he go easy this time or again to use his villainous and brutal method? 

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13. Rooftop Sword Master

Rooftop Sword Master
Source: Rooftop Sword Master Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 92 (Still Ongoing)

Rooftop Sword Master is another great manhwa where MC is a villain for his bully classmates. It follows the story of Seyoung Tak, a high school guy who is always being bullied by his classmates. One day, his bully classmates crossed their limit and beat him badly, due to which Seyoung went into a coma. A few years later, Seyoung woke up from a coma and found his father dead while trying to get justice for him.

Now, he is filled with anger and vengeance against those who put him in a coma. Later, he unfortunately hears God’s words, finds a giant sword on his rooftop, and begins training to become the sword master. Now, it’s quite interesting to see the bully’s reaction when they meet the sword master whom they once bullied. 

12. Hero Killer 

Hero Killer
Source: Hero Killer Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 142 (Still Ongoing)

Hero Killer is set in a world where heroes and villains are constantly engaged in the deadliest war. However, it’s impossible to categorize them; nobody knows who are heroes and who are villains. It follows the revenge journey of a loner girl who is blessed with supernatural abilities. After continually going through injustice and being suppressed by the environment, she decides to take all of them.

As a result, she always takes herself in between the clashes between powerful individuals. The series is filled with plenty of the deadliest battles and features a strong female lead, which makes it a perfect pick for you. 

11. Hero Has Returned

Hero has Returned
Source: Hero has Returned Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 109 (Still Ongoing)

Hero Has Returned is one of the best manhwa where MC is a villain that mainly revolves around two guys, Minsu Kim and Jeong Su Park. Minsu is a warrior who comes back to Earth and realizes he lost everything after saving another world. Out of rage, he killed Jeong Su Park, an unknown guy, and his family.

However, after being killed, Park is reincarnated into another world, where he defeats the demon king and becomes incredibly strong. Now, Park comes back to Earth and decides to take revenge on Minsu for his family’s murder. Now, they both engage in the deadliest battle with each other and erase the line between good and evil, where no one says who is the hero and who is the villain. 

10. Pure Villain

Pure Villain
Source: Pure Villain Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 76 (Still Ongoing)

Now, let’s move forward to another popular manhwa where MC is a villain, “Pure Villain.” It is set in a world where special police exist to catch criminals who have some sort of ability. The main character of the series is Han Doryeong, who is the strongest special police officer and has caught countless powerful villains.

Despite being blessed with incredible strength and a great sense of justice, he gradually questions his own identity, wondering whether he is a hero or villain. The only reason behind his doubts is the immense affection that all criminals show for him. Despite being entirely focused on heroism or villainy, “Pure Villain” chooses to focus on the gray areas of heroism and villainy. 

9. Incompetent Villain: Best Comedy Manhwa Where MC Is a Villain

Incompetent Villain
Source: Incompetent Villain Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 53 (On Hiatus)

Incompetent Villain is another great manhwa where MC is a villain with the perfect blend of action and comedy. It follows the story of Baek Moran, who is very desperate to earn the notorious title of villain. However, he is incapable of killing anyone, even though he can’t defeat the weakest of heroes.

No matter how many times he tries to kill heroes, he is always trapped in a humorous situation with them. As a result, he earned the title of incompetent villain instead of true villain because of his continuous failure to perform villainous acts. You will surely enjoy the attempt of the main character, who wants to become the villain but is a true hero. 

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8. Regressor Instruction Manual

Regressor Instruction Manual
Source: Regressor Instruction Manual Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 87 (Still Ongoing)

The Regressor Instruction Manual follows the story of Lee Giyoung, who is unfortunately summoned to a death dungeon with zero skills. Now, Lee can’t survive the death dungeon without any supernatural skills. So, he decided to use a regressor, who is exceptionally strong, as his tool to clear the game.

Lee always uses his keen intelligence and strategic abilities to win the battle rather than being directly involved in fights with opponents. When it comes to fighting, he manipulates the regressor, which shows perfectly how self-centered he is. Now, it’s very interesting to see to what extent Lee will go to clear the game, and is he hesitating to sacrifice the Regressor for it? 

7. The Earth Savior Selection

The Earth Savior Selection
Source: The Earth Savior Selection Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 60 (Finished in December 2022)

The Earth’s Chosen Savior is another apocalyptic manhwa where the Earth is about to be annihilated in under 42 days from a doom caused by monsters. Out of fear, everyone began killing each other to gain power that would help them survive in this apocalyptic situation. To save Earth, Jeong-u Park, an ordinary employee in a game company, is chosen as Earth’s savior.

Now, Jeong has to make all decisions, including good and evil, to control the situation and save the world. While fighting monsters and people who came in his way, he gradually went on an evil path, which he did not realize. As a result, it is considered as one of the most popular manhwa where the MC is a villain.

6. The Tyrant’s Guardian is an Evil Witch 

The Tyrant’s Guardian is an Evil
Source: The Tyrant’s Guardian is an Evil Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 111 (Finished in November 2023)

This popular manhwa where MC is a villain, mainly revolves around an evil witch who did countless evil acts against kingdoms and their people. Now, she adopted the young prince of the kingdom to raise him in a way that makes him a good leader, not a tyrannical leader. Even though her intention is good, she uses every possible way to achieve her dream, even using forbidden dark magic.

However, the motive behind changing the destiny of the prince is still not clear, nor is it clear why she is desperate to do it. If you love magical worlds and mystical stories, then you should read this fantasy manhwa where MC is a villain. 

5. Existence: Best Action Manhwa Where MC Is a Villain 

Source: Existence manhwa

Number of Chapter: 72 (Still Ongoing)

Existence is the best action manhwa where MC is a villain, and he raises questions about MC’s existential purpose. It follows the story of Jain Lee, who reincarnates countless times and lives an uncountable life, whether as an ant, a dinosaur, or any other creature. Now, he is born as a human with all the power of every life form he has lived, which makes him overpowered.

The only purpose behind his existence is to eradicate humanity from existence for their cruelness towards other living beings. However, he hesitates to do it just because of his love for his mother and the emotional moments he shares with her. The series perfectly depicts the light and dark sides of humanity through the MC’s eyes. 

4. I Grow Stronger By Eating

I Grow Stronger By Eating!
Source: I Grow Stronger By Eating Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 100 (Finished in June 2023)

The title of the series itself depicts that the main character of the series is human and consumes others to gain power. The series follows the story of Mr. Kim, who is born with the special ability to copy any creature’s ability just by consuming them. Now, he is reincarnated into a fantasy world filled with monsters, orcs, and so many other mysterious creatures.

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To survive, he begins consuming all mysterious creatures that come his way to become the strongest beings. If you want to meet the ruthless MC whose hunger is satisfied only by power, then you should read this incredible manhwa where MC is a villain.  

3. How to Live as a Villain

How to Live as a Villain
Source: How to Live as a Villain Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 114 (Still Ongoing)

The main character in this manhwa where MC is a villain, is an anti-hero who expertly knows how to live as a villain. The series is set in a world where God summoned different players from around the world to a gaming world to play a deadly game. Whoever wins the deadly game will be chosen as the successor of God.

Seong Hoon is the main character, who is also chosen as one of the players to participate in this deadly game. However, he does not possess any superpowers or supernatural abilities except a cunning mind and manipulative nature. In order to win the title of God’s successor, he uses all of his wicked tricks and can betray anyone without any second thought.

2. Villain To Kill 

Villain To Kill
Source: Villain To Kill Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 117 (Still Ongoing)

As the name suggests, the hero of “Villain to Kill” became the villain just to kill. The series follows the story of Cassian Lee, the strongest Psyker, blessed with immense psychic abilities and possessing a good heart. However, after being betrayed and killed by his comrades, he is reincarnated into the body of a high school guy.

Moreover, this high school guy has just become the villain, so now Cassian unwillingly lives his new life as a villain. He also secretly takes his revenge on his comrades who kill him. Now, it’s quite interesting to see that the hero who saves people has now become the villain and begins taking the lives of others.

1. Kill the Hero: Best Revenge Manhwa Where MC Is a Villain

Hero Killer
Source: Hero Killer Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 149 (Still Ongoing)

Kill the Hero is not just the best manhwa where MC is a villain but also one of the best revenge manhwa. It mainly revolves around the revenge story of Kim Woo Jin and his guild master, Sejun Lee (who seems to be the hero). A few years after being betrayed and killed by his master, Kim comes back in time to get revenge on him.

Now, he is gradually climbing up the ranks within the guild while keeping his real motives hidden. Moreover, he became more manipulative and cunning and was ready to do anything to exact his revenge. So, it’s very interesting to know: does the anti-hero succeed in getting revenge from the hero, or is he again killed at the hands of the hero?


That’s it for the post! We hope you find this wonderful list of the top 15 manhwa where MC is a villain useful and find something to your taste. Each of these manhwa where MC is a villain revolves around the main characters, whose lives are filled with tragedy and twists that make them evil.

Its main characters are the true villains of their respective series, but they are all the real heroes of their own stories. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful manhwa recommendations and informative character lists.

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