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Black Clover Chapter 271 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 271
Black Clover Chapter 271

Now, we are heading towards the Black Clover Chapter 271 and we are going to witness the things that are going to happen between our hero Asta and his devil Liebe and will focus them on strengthening their bond. Black Clover 271 spoilers are now on the internet and are surfacing on various social media platforms and fans are loving this chapter.

In this article we will be discussing about Black Clover Manga 271 and its various details that we know about so far like its release date, when raw scans are getting out, where you can read them, etc.

Black Clover Chapter 271 Release Date

Black Clover 271 is going to be released in English on Viz Media’s official website on Sunday, 8th November 2020 and it will be serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue #49 and will be released as per the scheduled plan. There will be no delay in the release of Black Clover Chapter 271.

Black Clover 271 Release Date8th November 2020
Black Clover 271 Raw Scans5th November 2020

Black Clover Manga 271 will be released as planned by Shueisha and will not be delayed as Japanese Raw Scans are out and are creating the hype between the fans about Black Clover 271 Spoilers.

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Black Clover Chapter 271 Raw Scans

Black Clover 271 Raw Scans are out and are shared by some Japanese fans who are doing it for a long time and you can see these raw scans on related communities on different social media platforms and can get a brief idea where Black Clover Chapter 271 is heading towards.

Black Clover 271
Black Clover 271

The raw scans got released as they usually get but we can not share them here with you because of security and copyright concerns but we are going to do a complete breakdown of all the raw scans and will be posting them below in the form of Black Clover 271 Spoilers. You can check them below and can know what is going to happen next

Where to read Black Clover 271?

Black Clover Manga 271 can be read on two popular mediums and we will tell you how to read them for free. The first one is Weekly Shonen Jump’s official English translator Viz Media. Viz Media provides simulsubs of all ongoing weekly mangas as the same week they get released and can be read on their official website but you can only read-only three latest chapters for free, for more you have to pay for the membership plan.

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The other alternative is Shueisha Japan’s Manga Plus official app and website that also provides the English simulsubs and also a freemium source of reading the latest weekly mangas. We request you that please don’t read mangas from any illegal source and try to help artists and illustrators by paying for the membership plans.

Black Clover 271 Spoilers

We are going to breakdown all the spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 271 that have surfaced online and that are very expected to happen in the upcoming Black Clover Manga 271. ( Warning: Spoilers Ahead )

Black Clover Manga 271
Black Clover Manga 271

The previous and some chapters before that covered the back story of Asta and Liebe and we got to know too many details about their past. We also saw a fierce battle between Asta and devil Liebe and Asta’s determination that he is going to save Liebe from his grief and his past’s mishappenings and make him a good devil that will help humanity and Asta in getting his goal secured.

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The Black Clover Manga 271 Spoilers Are –

  • Asta gains a New Power – As Asta and Liebe’s battle ended after both getting heavily injured and now Asta has more control than ever on his devil Liebe, Asta has got a new power. This new power is a ‘New Devil Hand’ and takes over Asta’s right hand and is very powerful.
  • Chibi Liebe IntroducedA Chibi or you could say a baby Liebe is shown on the shoulders of Asta and is helping him out in beating Nacht.
  • Liebe helps and gives Asta more Devil Mana – After the fight ended, Asta and Liebe are now friends and helping each other out. Liebe gives his devil mana to Asta in order to beat Nacht in a battle.
  • Asta vs Nacht – This chapter is going to contain a new fight between Nacht and Asta. Asta is using Captain Yami’s katana with AMD mana while Nacht is using Demon Clones.

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