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Black Clover 301 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release date

A shocking revelation is waiting for you in Black Clover 301. That might come obvious for some readers but after all, that’s what we all wanted, doesn’t we? Read more in the spoilers below.

In the last chapter, we saw Gaja was lying on the ground in very bad condition. Magicula was unharmed even after that powerful attack by Gaja, it was all thanks to fast regeneration spells possessed by her. Noelle was also having trouble while fighting Magicula.

Black Clover Chapter 301 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release date Leaks Reddit Read

Usually, devils do not fight creatures that are stronger than them and Magicula does not understand why Noelle is not giving up given their power differences. Noelle replied that not giving up is a special power of humans.

After this Magicula was going to explode Lolopechika to manifest completely but Asta appeared at the right time and saved her from exploding and then saved Noelle from Magicula.

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Black clover 301 Release Date

Black Clover 301 will be released on 1st August 2021 as per Viz Media’s official release schedule along with Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 153 which is returning after a long time and MHA 321. Also check them out, if you read them.

Black clover 301 Release Date1st August 2021
Black clover 301 Raw Scans29th July 2021

Black Clover 301 Raw scans

Black Clover 301 Raw scans have been released. You can take a look at those in the attached tweets below.

Black Clover 301 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Those Feelings’
  • Noelle admits to herself that he likes Asta and his presence gives her strength.
  • Rill’s new spell Twilight of Valhalla’s real effect is to increase the magical powers of friends.
  • Rill adds that inside ‘Twilight of Valhalla’ no attack can kill them.
  • Gaja is also inside, so he might survive with this slight possibility.
  • Charlotte with this increased power lifts the curse from both of them.
  • Asta leaves Lolopechika with Noelle and asks her to protect her.
  • Vanica is still alive.
  • Magicula uses his 100 subordinates’ corpses for the fight (Zombies).
  • These subordinates died during Magicula’s experiments.
  • Having realized her feelings towards Asta, Noelle is full of power.
  • She activates Saint Stage at the end of the chapter.
  • Also, sorry for the inconvenience last week.
Black Clover 301 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release date Leaks Reddit Read

Where to read Black Clover 301?

You can read Black Clover Chapter 301 online officially in two different ways. You can either read it on Viz media’s official website which is an official partner with Shonen Jump for English subbing or you can read the latest chapter on the Manga Plus app and website.

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