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Black Clover 335 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

It looks like Lucius put Beelzebub into SIster Lily’s body using his Soul Magic as he explains how it works in Black Clover 335. He also talks about the judgment day that will be arriving in the next seven days. Read more about it the below sections.

In the previous chapter, we saw Lucius and Asta fighting in the Clover Kingdom. Lucius said that Asta is the only one he finds troublesome as he uses anti-magic but it does not bother him that much as he is the true human and then revealed his true human form.

Black Clover 335 Spoilers Raw Scans Release date Viz Leaks Reddit Read English Mangaplus

Asta looked at his new form and said that he does not look like either a devil or a human. Lucius took Sister Lily hostage and then used his magic on her which made her possessed and she attacks Asta. Lucius explained his magic to Asta as he uses ‘Soul Magic’ that attacks people’s souls instead of their bodies.

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Lucius was not able to transfigure Asta’s soul as his soul is fragile. Possessed Sister Lily asked Asta to die for the sake of world peace and slashed him across the chest. Lucius addresses Asta as the flaw of the current world and said goodbye to him as Asta was falling to the ground after Lily’s attack.

Black Clover Chapter 335 Release Date

Black Clover 335 will be released in this week’s Weekly shonen jump issue on Sunday, 28th August 2022 as per Viz Media’s official release schedule. The spoilers and raw scans are already out, read them below.

Black Clover 335 Release Date28th August 2022
Black Clover 335 Raw Scans Release18th August 2022

Black Clover Chapter 335 Raw scans

Black Clover 335 Raw scans are out. Lucius tells Asta that he is not going to survive for long and the judgment is coming in the next seven days. The captains are here on rescue. Check out the raw scans below.

Black Clover Chapter 335 Raw Scans
Lucius tells Asta that it is Beelzebub’s power that he incarnated into Sister Lily using his Soul Magic. He also talks about how he took over the other devils.
Black Clover Chapter 335 Raw Scans
Lucius calls Lily an army leader for him and then calls himself the greatest wizard king this world has ever seen.
Black Clover Chapter 335 Raw Scans
Yami figures out that something is fishy as he recognizes Julius’ body and face and yells his name.
Black Clover Chapter 335 Raw Scans
At the end of the chapter, Lucius disappears.

Black Clover Chapter 335 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Severance’
  • The chapter starts with Asta on the ground and he is severely wounded.
  • Asta looks at Lucius and says “not yet”.
  • Lucius tells Asta to relax as he only has a few more minutes to live.
  • Lucius explains how he incarnated Beelzebub into Lily.
  • Lucius then explains how he has taken over all the remaining supreme devils.
  • Noelle is confused about the situation.
  • Lucius calls lily a “Paladin” [Paladin is a trusted military leader.].
  • Lucius says that he’ll create and rule a world that doesn’t compare to the wizard king.
  • He calls himself the greatest wizard king.
  • He declares that the judgment is coming in the next 7 days.
  • Noelle tries to attack Lucius, but Lily stops her with her spatial magic.
  • Lily goes toward Asta and says his death will bring true happiness to this world.
  • Asta says that he’ll definitely save her.
  • All Captains appear at the place.
  • William is shocked.
  • Fuegoleon is confused.
  • Yami recognizes Lucius [Julius’ body] and yells his name.
  • The last panel shows Lucius disappearing.
Black Clover Chapter 335 Spoilers Raw Scans Release date Viz Leaks Reddit Read English Mangaplus

Where to read Black Clover 335?

You can read Black Clover Chapter 335 officially in two different ways. You can either read it on Viz media’s official website which is an official partner with Shonen Jump for English subbing or you can read the latest chapter on the Manga Plus app and website.

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These sources have some chapters listed free for reading but for the entire manga, you have to buy a membership plan or subscription plan. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates and details about Black Clover 335 and more.

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