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[Break Week] Black Clover 351 Raw Scans, Spoilers, New Release date

Black Clover 351 is where Asta will take on the five-headed dragon with all his new powers and the commitment to defeat Lucius and take revenge for Sister Lily for what he did to her. Although the manga is on a break this week, this means we are going to see more exciting this in the next chapter.

In the previous chapter, we saw that after being her powers cut by Asta, sister Lily was falling from the sky. She then apologized for the things she did to Asta and Asta replied that those things do not matter to him at all. we then see the reason why Sister Lily became a nun because she wanted equality for all people.

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But the church was also like the outside world and nothing changed even after she prayed for several years. Sister Lily, wanted to save people to save the people so she joined the orphanage. Then in the present, Ryu arrived and said to Lily that Asta is stronger now. She saved him at that time and this time Asta will return the favor by saving her.

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Lily then told them that Lucius wants to take control of all the magic that is in this world and he is moving from country to country and it is a matter of time till he reaches the land of the sun. She then said that she feels embarrassed about the things she did on Lucius’ orders and she again apologized for that.

She then said that she regrets her decision of joining Lucius and unleashing the five-headed dragon on the land of the sun. Asta then consoled her saying that these things were not her fault and she should not feel sorry for them and try not to blame herself for the things she never intended to do or was forced to do.

Sister Lily then thanked Asta for his kind words and fainted. Ryu then says that now the only way to wake her up is to defeat Lucius. Asta said that he will defeat Lucius for sure and will save Sister Lily. We then saw the five-headed dragon behind Asta and Asta said that he will slay that dragon.

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Black Clover Chapter 351 New Release Date

Black Clover 351 will be on a pre-scheduled break as the author of the manga will be taking a leave to plan the story ahead and to make it more interesting. The next chapter is scheduled to get released next week in the next Weekly shonen jump issue on Sunday, 19th February 2023. Raw Scans and Spoilers will get released at the usual time (Wednesday).

Black clover 351 Release Date19th February 2023
Black clover 351 Raw Scans and Spoilers release15th February 2023

Black Clover 351 Raw scans

Black Clover Chapter 351 Raw scans will get released on the usual release schedule on Wednesday, the 15th of February, as Black Clover manga is on a pre-scheduled break this week. We will write a new article as soon as we receive any information about the upcoming black clover chapter.

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Black Clover Chapter 351 Spoilers

Black Clover 348 Spoilers are scheduled to get released along with the raw scans on the 15th of February 2023. There is going to be a wait of one week for the leaks as the author is taking a break. So, we will see you next time with all the exciting info about Black Clover.

Where to read Black Clover Manga Chapter 351?

You can read Black Clover 351 officially in two different ways. You can either read it on Viz media’s official website which is an official partner with Shonen Jump for English subbing or you can read the latest chapter on the Manga Plus app and website.

These sources have some chapters listed as free for reading but for the entire manga, you have to buy a membership plan or subscription plan. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates and details.

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