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Black Clover Chapter 270 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 270
Black Clover Chapter 270

We are going to discuss all the details we have till now on  Black Clover Chapter 270. We are also going to cover the most possible  Black Clover Chapter 270 spoilers and release date too. Black clover manga is among one of the best shonen manga fans and is also been adapted into an anime series of the same name with around 150 episodes.

Chapter 269 was an awesome read and the fans loved the fight between Asta and Liebe and now we all are eagerly waiting for the Black Clover Chapter 270 to drop. Chapter 269 mostly covered the fight between Asta and devil Liebe and the fight is likely to continue in the next few chapters. Black Clover Manga is written by Yuki Tabata and is in serialization since early 2015.

Black Clover Chapter 269 Summary

Black Clover manga Chapter 269 starts with Liebe explaining his reason for Anger and Hatred, and Asta says that he will take away this feeling by defeating Liebe in a fight. To this Liebe gets angry and says that a kid with one arm can never defeat him but Asta punches Liebe with his left hand.

After dealing with a hard punch Liebe says that this is not enough for defeating him and he will not lose. Then Liebe takes Asta’s all swords including Captain Yami‘s sword. The only sword that is left which is in Asta’s hand. The fight continues and Liebe says that Asta can not use his sword without him, they are useless pieces of steel.

Black Clover 270
Black Clover 270

And then mocks or provokes Asta by saying that you just can’t win against me with your physical ability when you can’t use any magic and can not teleport. Nothing is going to work against me as I am a High Ranked Devil. Now the story takes us to the devil’s past where he tells that he was sealed in The 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire and can’t use any of his magic. He got strong but can’t leave the grimoire.

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His all-time inside grimoire he was thinking about killing the demons whatever happens so when grimoire chose Asta he was ready to take Asta’s body even Asta is mana-less. Now, Yuno who is watching the fight from distance thinks about Asta that he has fought countless swordsmen and trained his body very hard but there is a limit to body strength. But Asta’s effort was not useless.

Asta tells Liebe that whom you are fighting is not just a magic-less bastard but a bastard who fought against various swordsmen and trained his body and attacks Liebe with his sword shouting “I Will Win”.

Black Clover Chapter 270 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 270 is going to be released on Sunday, 1st November 2020. It is serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump with other weekly titles. You can read about some of them here   Black Clover Chapter 270My Hero Academia Chapter 289, and Dr. Stone Chapter 172

Black Clover Chapter 270 Release Date1st November 2020
Black Clover Chapter 270 Raw Scans29th October 2020

Black Clover Chapter 270 Raw Scans

Raw scans for weekly mangas usually gets released 1-2 before the official release date of the chapter and can be found on Twitter and Reddit.  So, we can expect the Black Clover Chapter 270 Raw Scans by October 29, 2020. So, exact Black clover Chapter 270 Spoilers will be out once Raw scans get released. Till then, we are sharing the most probable spoilers below you can check them out now

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Where to read Black Clover Chapter 270?

We suggest that you don’t use any unofficial or illegal source to read the latest Black Clover 270. Please be thoughtful towards the artists who work very hard for us and provide us entertaining content tirelessly.

Black clover Chapter 270 can be officially read and purchased on Viz Media’s Offical Website that provides English translations of many famous manga titles like Dr. StoneMy Hero Academia, and Boruto. You can also read Black Clover 270 on Shueisha Japan’s Manga Plus official app and website for free.

Black Clover Chapter 270 Spoilers

Chapter 269 covered the fight between Asta and his devil Liebe, Why he does not like Asta and why asta can not win against a fight with him. We also some different point of views from each character. And how Asta is determined and have faith in his power that he will win.

Black Clover Manga 270
Black Clover Manga 270

Black Clover 270 is going to be very exciting and it will be full of action too for sure. We are covering the most possible spoilers that are most likely to happen in the upcoming chapter of the manga. We will update this as soon as Raw Scans and Actual Chapter is out. . ( Warning: Spoilers Ahead )

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Most Possible Spoilers

  • The Fight between Asta and Liebe will Intensify – The ongoing fight between Asta and Liebe is catching pace. Asta wants to end Liebe’s suffering and hatred by defeating him while Liebe on the other side wants to kill all the devils because of what happened to him in the past.
  • Yuno might get involved in the fight – If you read the latest chapter you know that Yuno is watching the fight and thinking about what can be the outcomes and what powers Asta has. But, we also know that Liebe took Asta’s all swords and Asta can’t use magic and is solely dependent on physical strength. so the outcome of the fight can be anything. In case Asta gets injured then Yuno might get involved in the fight.
  • More details about Liebe’s Past – In the previous two chapters Liebe is telling Asta about his past, who was her caretaker, how he got into a grimoire, and other things. So, it is very likely that some new details will be revealed about devils in the next chapter.
  • Asta may gain more control over Liebe – The ongoing fight is to free Liebe from his past and to remove his hatred towards the devils. If Asta wins the fight then Asta might gain more control over the devil Liebe.
  • More details about Nacht and Yuno

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