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Black Clover Chapter 273 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date

We are eagerly waiting for the Black Clover Chapter 273 to release. The Korean and Japanese Raws are out and we can read the spoilers but for the English version of Black Clover 273, we will have to wait a little more.

Black Clover Chapter 273 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
Black Clover Chapter 273

The fight between Asta and Nacht is going on and Nacht is looking very strong but on the other side Asta and Liebe are on the same side and if Asta can control his new form completely then they can give a tough fight to Nacht.

Black Clover Chapter 273 Release Date

Thankfully, there is no delay in the release of manga like last week. Black Clover Chapter 273 will be released on 29th November 2020, Sunday with other weekly titles like – My Hero Academia Chapter 292, One Piece Chapter 997, and many more.

These weekly titles can be read on Viz Media’s official website and you can also read them on Manga plus app and website. These titles are published weekly in Shueisha Japan’s Weekly shonen jump.

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Black Clover Chapter 273 Release Date29th November 2020
Black Clover Chapter 273 Raw Scans26th November 2020

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Black Clover Chapter 273 Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 273 Raw Scans are out and can be read and seen over different social media platforms and forums. We are also sharing some of the Raw scans which we have found on Twitter.

We have covered the complete spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 273 on the basis of released Black Clover Chapter 273 Raw Scans and leaks. You can check the complete spoilers below in the spoilers section

Black Clover Chapter 273 Spoilers

Black Clover 273 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
Black Clover 273
  • Black Clover 273 Title: Fateful Day
  • Zenon arrives to see Dante.
  • Dante wants a rematch with “that little boy” (I’m assuming Asta)
  • Morris(Shadow leader of Diamond Kingdom) Is seen treating Dante.
  • Diamond and Spade seem in an alliance.
  • A giant Devil is revealed. Seems to be sealed up for now.
  • Yami and William are in the coffin as the tree starts to grow.
  • Back to Asta’s training. Asta is seen releasing a lot of Anti-Magic everywhere with a tease to his new form.
  • Nacht and Asta are having a serious talk. Nacht basically tells Asta that he went through a lot of suffering but in the end, he was right. He also stated that the right people don’t get rewarded but…
  • Nacht: “I want the right people to live” “The vast majority have the truth. It is not always the case that a good person is rewarded.” “Even though I fought hard back then, I lost.” (Continuing)
  • Seems Asta is staying behind to fully control his new form. Nacht will leave Gimodelo behind to help Asta.
  • Nacht: “we will do as much as we can until you’ll come.”
  • Spade Kingdom Invasion Uniform revealed!
  • Invasion team so far consist of: Rill, Charlotte, Sekke(why Tabata? Lol), Jack, Nozel, Fuegoleon, Langris and Yuno.
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Black Clover Chapter 272 Summary

In the previous chapter, we saw that Asta and Nacht’s fight is still going on and former vice-captain Langris appears and Yuno requests him to help him. On the other side, Asta and Liebe are in bad condition and are both lying on the ground beaten.

Vice-Captain Nacht says ‘You lose again’ and Asta thinks that Vice-captain is very strong and he must do something Asta and Liebe take some rest while eating some cookies. Now they have gained some energy back the fight continues.

Nacht uses his mana power and takes Asta and Liebe both into ‘Dark Prison Hunting Ground’ and now Asta can not see anything and can’t dodge attacks. The chapter ends with Asta saying “I can’t die and I can’t let this guy die either”

These are the thing we can say right now but for exact story we will have to wait some time for Black Clover 273 to officially release. Till then, You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Black Clover 273 Spoilers and more.

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