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Black Clover Chapter 274 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date

We all are waiting for the Black Clover Chapter 274 to get released. The raw scans for the chapter are out on various social media platforms and websites. The English Version of the Black Clover 274 releases this Sunday.

Black Clover Chapter 274 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date
Black Clover Chapter 274

The ongoing fight between Vice-Captain Nacht and Asta and his demon Liebe concluded in the last chapter and now they are soon going to join Nacht after they finish their training and getting more powerful. Nacht was testing their strength all along and want to join him as soon as they become stronger.

Recently, My Hero Academia Season 5 was announced and there were rumors that Solo Leveling Manhwa can get an anime adaptation very soon. And also not to forget Attack On Titan Season 4 premieres on December 7th.

Black Clover Chapter 274 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 274 will be released on 6th December 2020, Sunday with other weekly titles like – My Hero Academia Chapter 293, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 132, and many other titles.

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Black Clover Chapter 274 Release Date6th December 2020
Black Clover Chapter 274 Raw3rd December 2020

These weekly titles can be read on Viz Media’s official website and you can also read them on Manga plus app and website. These titles are published weekly in Shueisha Japan’s Weekly shonen jump.

Black Clover Chapter 274 Raw

Black Clover Chapter 274 Raw Scans are out and are now surfacing on various platforms. You can easily find them if you are interested in reading them. We are also sharing some of the leaked Raw scans and pictures here.

We have also covered Black Clover Chapter 274 Spoilers based on the leaked pictures and Black Clover Chapter 274 Raw Scans. You can read the complete spoilers in the spoiler section below

Black Clover Chapter 274 Spoilers

Black Clover 274 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date
Black Clover 274
  • Black Clover 274 Official Title: Outbreak of War
  • Nacht and Asta’s fight ended in the last chapter. Nacht tells others that Asta is not fully trained and still needs some time for training.
  • Sally, Valtos, Rades, Ralph, and Makusa have also joined the Invasion team.
  • Spade resistance members are also in the Invasion Team.
  • Nacht has been in contact with Ralph and the resistance members
  • Spade unleashes the demon we have saw earlier.
  • The Demon is apparently a demon god from an old legend
  • Zenon is keeping an eye on the things through the monitors.
  • Mereoleona comes in and hits the Demon.
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We will be able to anything for sure when the chapter gets fully released till then we will have to feed ourselves the raw scans and spoilers. According to spoilers and the chapter’s name, we can assume that there is going to be a war arc in Black Clover manga soon. Well, that thing is still in the writer’s mind, and until he confirms anything we can not say anything for sure.

These are the thing we can say right now about Black Clover 274 but for the exact story, we will have to wait some time for Black Clover 274 to officially release in English. Till then, You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates and details about Black Clover 274 Spoilers and more.

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