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Black Clover Chapter 311 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

We have a winner from Yuno and Zenon’s fight and you’re guessing it right. Black Clover Chapter 311 will show us that Morris is in a contract with Lucifero and he is plotting something big. Read till the end for more spoilers.

In the last chapter, we saw that Yuno attacked Zenon with his new Quartile Flagellum spell. Zenon was thinking of his big brother and we got to know that he was more of a maniac than Zenon.

Black Clover Chapter 311 Raw Scans Spoilers Release date Leaks Reddit Read English

Now in present, Zenon looks powerful and combines his both spatial and bone magic and attacks Yuno. In return, Yuno uses a new Saint Sage Spell. Yuno also uses the Spirit of Boreas and the “Saint Spirit of Zephyr” spell. The chapter ends with Yuno shouting “I Win”.

Black clover Chapter 311 Release Date

Black Clover 311 will be released in next week’s Weekly shonen jump issue on Sunday, 31st October 2021 as per Viz Media’s official release schedule along with One Piece Chapter 1030 and My Hero Academia Chapter 331. Also check their spoilers, if you read them.

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Black clover Chapter 311 Release Date31st October 2021
Black clover Chapter 311 Raw Scans28th October 2021

Black Clover 311 Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 311 Raw scans have been released. You can take a look at the leaked scans in the mentioned tweets below.

Black Clover Chapter 311 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Come Back Alive’
  • The chapter starts with Zenon’s defeat.
  • Zenon asks Yuno about the difference between them.
  • We get a glimpse of Asta and others.
  • Nacht remarks that all three Dark Triad members are defeated.
  • Advent is still not stopping.
  • In the Clover Kingdom, Julius is looking tense.
  • Dorothy vs Morris.
  • Morris confirms that the Dark Triad is not necessary for the advent to proceed.
  • Morris has a contract with Lucifero.
  • Lucifero says that the second gate will open soon and then he will come out.
  • The chapter ends with the Black Bulls squad declaring that they will take Yami back.
Black Clover 311 Raw Scans Spoilers Release date Leaks Reddit Read English Chapter

Where to read Black Clover 311?

You can read Black Clover Chapter 311 online officially in two different ways. You can either read it on Viz media’s official website which is an official partner with Shonen Jump for English subbing or you can read the latest chapter on the Manga Plus app and website.

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