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[Yami’s Sister] Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

The story is progressing in the Land of Sun as Asta roams around in the country in Black Clover Chapter 338. A new tsundere character is introduced who serves Ryuuga. Read more about it below.

In the last chapter, we saw that Asta along with Liebe got teleported [Isekaid] to the Land of the Sun. He still has a big scar on his chest but he has healed from it. Asta was surprised to see that he healed without Mimosa being there. The new character’s name is Ryuudou Ryuuya he serves as a general in the country.

Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans Spoilers Release date Viz Leaks Reddit Read English Mangaplus

The character has facial similarities with Yami but he is just a childhood friend of his. Ryuuga knows everything that is happening and also knows Asta’s name. On the other side, Nacht was explaining what would have happened and it is okay to presume that Asta is dead. Black Bulls were looking pale and Nacht said that he is not going to believe that Asta is dead.

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Asta woke up in a huge room while Ryuuga was by his side. Ryuuga possesses a special power in his eye and can see whatever he wants to see. He tells Asta about it and told him that he has no chance of winning if he goes back now. And then he tells him to power up. Ryuuga also talks like Yami and told Asta that he was rejected and betrayed by the person he looked upon.

Black Clover Chapter 338 Release Date

Black Clover 338 will be released in this week’s Weekly shonen jump issue on Sunday, 18th September 2022 as per Viz Media’s official release schedule. The spoilers and raw scans are already out, read them below.

lack Clover Chapter 338 Release Date18th September 2022
Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans Release15th September 2022

Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw scans

Black Clover 338 Raw scans are out. The chapter explores more about the Land of the sun and we also see a new tsundere character in this chapter. Check the scans below.

Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans
The first panel introduces a new character Ichika, who is probably the subordinate of Ryuuga. She gets angry when Asta tells Ryuuga that he does not sense any power from him and calls him an outsider.
Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans
The panel shows the bandits that caused a random attack while Asta was roaming around the city with Ryuuga and Ichika.
Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans
Ryuuga saved the mother and child using his eye power from the attack. Bandit seems to be saying something to him.
Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans
Then Ichika interferes with a serious look on her face and she was about to attack the bandits.
Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans
After defeating those goons, Ichika grabbed Asta by his face and told him to not approach her casually, and called him a stranger again. The last panel revealed that she is the sister of Captain Yami.

Black Clover Chapter 338 Spoilers

  • Asta asks Ryuuga about Shogun and he tells him that Shogun is like the “Wizard King” from Asta’s country.
  • Asta tells Ryuuga that he can’t sense magic but Ryuuga does not look that strong.
  • Ryuuga confirms Asta’s point.
  • Tsundere woman gets angry and calls Asta an outsider.
  • Then Asta was taken for a tour of the city.
  • People use scrolls instead of grimoires in The Land of the Sun.
  • Ryuuga is also like Asta as he does not possess any sorcery powers.
  • Then there is a random bandit attack that happened in between pages.
  • Ryuuga saved two civilians using his eye power.
  • The name of the tsundere woman is ‘Ichika’.
  • Ichika is Yami’s younger sister.
  • After Ichika defeats the bandits in an instant, people cheer on her, saying “Yami-dono, you are the best!”
  • Ichika is one of 7 “Ryuzen” or “Dragon Zen” members.
Black Clover 338 Raw Scans Spoilers Release date Viz Leaks Reddit Read English Mangaplus

Where to read Black Clover Chapter 338?

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