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[The Judgment Day] Black Clover Chapter 354 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Lucius and his paladins have reached the Clover Kingdom in Black Clover Chapter 354 and the Magic Knights and Captains are all set for the counter and to destroy Lucius’ utopia. Read more about in the spoilers section.

In the previous chapter, we saw that there was a party going on in the Land of the Sun. The sky was cleared as the five-headed was dead and people were celebrating the occasion. Ryu told Asta that it was his anti-magic that removed the magic clouds that were covering the island because of the influence of the five-headed dragon.

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Ryu then thanked Asta for what he did and told him that Lucius’ is still not in his prime but he has powers to revive a magic knight like Heath who was supposed to be dead. Asta asked if there is any way that he could go to the Clover Kingdom right now but Ryu declined to say that they can not do anything about it. The Black bulls are looking for a solution to bring Asta back but they have to wait for now.

Now a celebration was going on and Humito was very excited to cook the dragon’s meat. Ichika then asked Ryu if she was the one who wiped her clan but Ryu did not answer. She called Yami his brother for the first time and then after getting no answer went to Asta who was also drinking and apologized for the things she said earlier.

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Then after this Asta and Daizaemon went to a hot spring without realizing that the time slot was for females and Ichika was already there. Asta looked at her and realized his mistake and ran away while Ichika was blushing. The next morning, Ichika greeted Asta and Asta apologized for what happened last night. Ichika then said to Asta that now he has to take responsibility for his actions. Asta was confused after this.

Black Clover Chapter 354 Release Date

Black Clover 354 is scheduled to get released in this week’s Weekly shonen jump issue on upcoming Sunday, 19th March 2023 as per Viz Media’s official release schedule. The spoilers and raw scans are already out, you can read them below.

Black Clover Chapter 354 Release Date19th March 2023
Black Clover Chapter 354 Raw Scans Release15th March 2023

Black Clover Chapter 354 Raw scans

Black Clover Chapter 354 raw scans have been released and it shows that Lucius is back in the Clover Kingdom with all his preparations to attain the world peace he aspires to get.

Black Clover Chapter 354 Raw Scans
The judgment day has arrived and the clover kingdom is all set to take on Lucius and his paladins.
Black Clover Chapter 354 Raw Scans
This scan shows all the fighters who will take part in this battle. The general population has been evacuated.
Black Clover Chapter 354 Raw Scans
Someone that looks like Nacht appears and attacks Jack and Jack now has a hole in his stomach.
Black Clover Chapter 354 Raw Scans
We then see that person is Morgen who has been revived by Lucius as a paladin.
Black Clover Chapter 354 Raw Scans
We then get to take a look at Aicer as a paladin.
Black Clover Chapter 354 Raw Scans
And in the end, Lucius arrives from the sky like an angel and says let us bring happiness back to this world.

Black Clover Chapter 354 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – Judgment Day
  • Judgment day is here and Lucius says “Let’s take the first step toward the new world peace”.
  • He is planning something with his paladins.
  • Then we see the Clover Kingdom.
  • All the magic knights are waiting for them, including Yuno & the captains.
  • Charlotte and Yami are talking.
  • Charlotte says sorry for avoiding Yami for the past few days as she had been focusing on what needed to be done.
  • Yami jokingly says nobody’s worried about her and calls her “Thorn Princess”.
  • Then Yami asks her out for some tea once this battle is over.
  • The people of Clover Kingdom have been evacuated to a noble realm.
  • Someone that looks like Nacht arrives and Jack tells him off for being late.
  • Jack then realizes that it’s not Nacht, but Morgen as Paladin.
  • Morgen then attacks Jack. Jack loses an arm and gets a big hole in the stomach from Morgen’s light magic.
  • Morgen’s Paladin horns look like same as Lucifugus’s.
  • Yami is shocked to see Morgen and his cigarette fall from his mouth.
  • Morgen says “Ah Yami, how long has it been…?”.
  • Then we see Paladin Acier.
  • Then light rays start breaking through the cloudy sky.
  • A kid says ‘an angel’ and Lucius appears from above.
  • Lucius says “Well This is time to bring happiness to the world”.
  • Chapter ends.
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Where to read Black Clover 354?

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