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(Nacht’s 4th Devil Form) Black Clover Manga Chapter 285 Spoilers, Raw Scans Release

Black Clover Manga Chapter 285 will begin with the rescue of Nacht as he was severely injured by the twin demons. Keep reading for raw scans, spoilers, and release date for the upcoming chapter.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Noelle, Luck, and others arrive at the spade kingdom to fight the devils and the citizens. It is shown that the elves have taught them the ‘Ultimate Magic’ which was only known to used by elves. But after the training in the heart kingdom, Noelle and other magic knights can use it.

Black Clover Manga Chapter 285 Raw Scans Spoilers Release

The ultimate magic is truly powerful, the magic knights defeat the low-level demons easily, but then the mid-level demons appear. Luck uses his ultimate magic and kills them.

The spade kingdom’s castle burns and freezes because of the ability of the twin demons Lilith and Naamah. The chapter ends with a panel of Nacht, who is defeated by the twin demons.

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Black Clover Anime is ending this march but it is sure that the anime will return sooner or later. An announcement is also awaited. Check out all the possibilities of the return of Black Clover Anime here.

Black clover Manga Chapter 285 Release Date

Black Clover Manga Chapter 285 is going to be released with My Hero Academia 305Jujutsu Kaisen 142, and other titles this week on Sunday, 14th March 2021. Raw scans are not out yet but we have got some spoilers, you can read them below.

Black clover Manga Chapter 285 Release Date14th March 2021
Black clover Manga Chapter 285 Raw Scans11th March 2021

Black Clover Manga Chapter 285 Raw scans

Black Clover Manga Chapter 285 Raw scans have been released already and you can see a part of it below. Also, we have covered spoilers from the leaked scans and images in the spoiler section. You can read them below

Black Clover Manga Chapter 285 Spoilers

  • Official title: ‘Playing tag in hell’
  • The chapter will contain Nacht’s backstory.
  • The title refers to Nacht’s domain expansion.
  • Dante is talking to the twin devils.
  • Jack is seriously injured but still standing tall.
  • Nacht’s new devil form was revealed.
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  • This new 4th devil form of Nacht is called ‘GALLUS’ or ‘Rooster Devil’.
  • Nacht is fighting both demons at the same time.
  • Nacht is leading the twin demons somewhere.
  • Nacht uses Shadow Magic: Dark Prison Hunting Ground.
  • Nacht has a twin brother named ‘Morgen’.
  • Nacht has white hair.
  • Next week Nacht backstory will be shown and it will include Yami.
  • More spoilers on the way if there are any left.
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Where to read Black Clover Manga Chapter 285?

You can read Black Clover 285 officially in two different ways. You can either read it on Viz media’s official website which is an official partner with Shonen Jump for English subbing or you can read the latest chapter on the Manga Plus app and website.

These sources have some chapters listed free for reading but for the entire manga, you have to buy a membership plan or subscription plan. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates and details about Black Clover 285 Spoilers and more.

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