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(Delayed) Blue Lock 170 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

Blue Lock has now become the hottest place in the world of football and in Blue Lock 170 players will reshape their strategies according to the newly launched auction system.

In the last chapter, we saw more explanations about the newly introduced Blue Lock Auction System. These all bids will be offered to the players once the Neo-Egoist league ends. Isagi’s bid is from Berserk Dortmund, a rival team of  B*stard Munchen.

Blue Lock 170 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date English Read Reddit Chapter

Kunigami is being offered 24M yen, Bachira 32M yen, Ness 50M, and Kaiser’s bid is 300M yen. Ego said that the top 23 Blue lock players based on their salary will get selected for the U-20 world cup team and then compared Blue Lock to a store. Bachira asked about winning the matches and Ego replied that matches are important too as well as individual stats.

Then we got to know that Blue Lock TV has reached 80 Million users all over the world who pays 500 yen per month. Italy’s Ubers vs France’s PXG match was going on and the match ended with Rin’s goal, PXG won the match with a score of 3-2.

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Blue Lock 170 Release Date

Blue Lock 170 is set to be released on Wednesday, 20th April 2022, in the upcoming Weekly Shonen Magazine issue while the spoilers and raw scans are out, you can read them below.

Blue Lock 170 Release Date20th April 2022
Blue Lock 170 Raw Scans Release17th April 2022

Blue Lock 170 Raw Scans

We will have to wait one more week to get Blue Lock 170 Raw Scans as the manga is on a break this week due to a pre-scheduled break. The raw scans will get released on the usual schedule (Sunday) this week. We will write a new article about it, so make sure to come back next week.

Blue Lock 170 Spoilers

Blue Lock 170 Spoilers will be released along with the raw scans this week on Sunday. Only Blue Lock manga is on a break while other mangas from the magazine will continue.

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Where To Read Blue Lock Chapter 170?

Blue Lock releases in Weekly Shonen Magazine only in Japanese and no official weekly release is available. Though there are weekly fan translations in English, we recommend you support the author and the franchise by buying official English-translated volumes.

Kodansha US has recommended a few sites where you can read, buy or download the official manga volumes or chapters.

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