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Blue Lock Chapter 165 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

Lavinho shined in the last chapter and now it’s Noel Noa’s turn to change the tides of the game in Blue Lock Chapter 165. Let’s see this in detail in the spoilers and raw scan section below.

In the last chapter, we saw Isagi having a flashback when he was a child and was watching Noa on television and now he is playing alongside him. Now in the match, it has come to a one-on-one Lavinho vs Noa. Lavinho used a series of unpredictable moves and was able to get the ball past Noa.

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date English Read Reddit

The one-on-one was on another level but Isagi still tried to interfere and ran without thinking. Lavi used Isagi as a wall to get past Noa and used the move ‘Rising Dance’. Then Noa explained why Lavinho is called “The Dance Man”. Noa told Isagi that his opponents look like they are dancing when he dribbles in front of them.

This dance is called ‘A Dance of Defeat’. That was an easy goal for Lavi. Then Kaiser came and teased Isagi and told him that he screwed up with big boys. Then he explained that Bachira and he was waiting if Lavi and Noa to get off rhythm but Isagi barged in without thinking that. Isagi was thinking that he is not a part of the game and now he has to turn this admiration of Noa into a goal.

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Blue Lock Chapter 165 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 165 is set to be released on Wednesday, 9th March 2022, in the upcoming Weekly Shonen Magazine issue while the spoilers and raw scans are out, you can read them below.

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Release Date9th March 2022
Blue Lock Chapter 165 Raw Scans Release6th March 2022

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Raw Scans:

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Raw Scans has been released. You can check some of the scans from the upcoming chapter below.

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – “God-Given”
  • Isagi who has admired Noel Noa his entire life is now going to devour his hero himself.
  • Kaiser and Ness restart the game.
  • Isagi is thinking of how he can steal a goal for himself.
  • Noa is in another league and he is passing through Barcha players like nothing.
  • Ness passes the ball to Noa and he uses his machine dribble to reach towards the goal.
  • Isagi tries to steal the pass from Ness but Noa is one step ahead.
  • Isagi thinks that he can not imagine playing better than Noa as he has been admiring his whole life.
  • Lavinho tells his teammates to defend the goal and then it’s one on one between Noa and Lavinho.
  • But even Lavi can not stop the best striker in the world and Noa scores the goal from his behind.
  • The 3 minutes of master strikers play are over.
  • Kunigami subs in the place of Noa.
  • The chapter ends with Noa saying that this is the last chance for Isagi and Kunigami.
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