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Blue Lock Chapter 166 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

While Isagi is still struggling in finding the final piece to resonate with his goal in Blue Lock Chapter 166, other players are doing their best to make the final goal for their teams. Read more about it in the spoilers section below.

In the last chapter, we saw that Isagi who admired Noel Noa his entire life now have to devour his ideal in order to create a goal and position in the team for himself. The game restarted with Ness and Kaiser. Isagi was trying to make a way to steal a goal.

Blue Lock Chapter 166 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date English Read Reddit

Noel Noa was showing his techniques and was passing through Barcha players like nothing. Ness passed the ball to Noa and Noa used machine dribble to move forward. Isagi tried to steal the pass but failed. Isagi thinks that this is because he has very high values for Noa in his mind.

On the other side, Lavinho told his teammates to stop Noa anyhow and now it turned into Lavinho vs Noa. But Lavinho was also unsuccessful in stopping Noa and Noa scored the goal from his behind. The 3 minutes of master strikers are over and Kunigami subbed in the place of Noa. While leaving Noa said to Kunigami and Isagi that this is their last chance.

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Blue Lock Chapter 166 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 166 is set to be released on Wednesday, 16th March 2022, in the upcoming Weekly Shonen Magazine issue while the spoilers and raw scans are out, you can read them below.

Blue Lock Chapter 166 Release Date16th March 2022
Blue Lock Chapter 166 Raw Scans Release13th March 2022

Blue Lock Chapter 166 Raw Scans

Blue Lock Chapter 166 Raw Scans has been released. You can check some of the scans from the upcoming chapter below.

Blue Lock Chapter 166 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Vessel’
  • The last goal will prove Isagi and Kunigami’s existence in the team as scores are 2-2 now.
  • Isagi thinks who makes this last goal will survive the battle of regulars.
  • Then Isagi asked Kunigami about ‘Wildcard’s Copyman’.
  • Kumigami explains that the wildcard program was to create a vessel with the same physique as Noel Noa.
  • Isagi asks more but Kunigami stops and says that no one is going to pass the ball to Isagi anyway.
  • Isagi is now talking to himself and says that he will be the one who scores.
  • The game restarts and turns into Bachira vs Isagi, Isagi was about to take to the ball but Bachira passes it to Otoya.
  • Lavinho praises Otoya and says that his ability to adapt anyone’s rhythm and speed makes him dynamo of the team.
  • Otoya passes the ball to Bachira again and he escapes Grimm and Kunigami.
  • Now it’s Ness’s turn and he says that the same trick will not work twice and steals the ball.
  • Ness passes the ball to Kaiser, Isagi interferes and takes control.
  • But now Isagi is confused as the pass was optimized for Kaiser and Lara is also coming.
  • Grimm got the ball after it bounced and now he is not passing it to Isagi.
  • Isagi is concerned as if someone scores the goal his existence will be in danger.
  • Isagi will now think of that last piece while Ego’s words are in his mind.
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