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Blue Lock Episode 22 Spoilers, Release Date and More

Blue Lock is one of the popular franchises of this year, and hype for the series is not going away any time soon. Therefore, we are here to inform you of the new episode Blue Lock Episode 22 Spoilers & release date of your favorite anime. So, without further ado, let’s start with our discussion with some of the Recap for episode 21 of Blue Lock.

Recap of Episode 21 of Blue Lock Spoilers:

Blue Lock Episode 22 Spoilers
Blue Lock Episode 21 Spoilers

In the previous Episode 21 of Blue Lock, we saw that Anri appreciated Nagi’s gameplay because he had a nice goal, but as the game progressed, she realized her mistake of being overconfident.

And we see on the other side that Isagi became more focused on the game after defeating Rin for the first time. Isagi started focusing on the game to be one step ahead of Rin.

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But Rin, even though he was defeated once, didn’t lose his calmness, stayed motivated for his next move, and took charge of the ball.

After Rin took charge of the ball, there were a few exceptional passes between Red Team member Barou, and he scored the third goal for his team. Isagi was thinking that he had already read Rin’s moves, but he was wrong this time.

Isagi then remembers that Rin’s ability is to control all the players on the field, and he wonders if he could ever defeat such an ability.

The match was again started between teams, and Chigiri tried his best to tackle Aryu and passed the ball to Nagi. Isagi again tried to understand the situation on the field, and he finally pointed out the blind spot to get the ball toward the goal.

When he assumed the match was in his hand, he saw Rin standing beside him to defend the goal.

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However, to everyone’s surprise, Barou had taken charge of the ball and scored the goal, which was really amazing to see in the episode.

Isagi was amazed by this sudden attack by Barou, and he decided to train himself to be better than the Rin.

Isagi realizes that Barou’s attack is Rin’s weakness, and he uses him again against him, but Rin finally kicks the ball out of the goal.
After a fierce match between the teams, everyone was tired from playing for so long, but afterward, they realized that Aoshi had the best stamina for the long-run game.

Rin also started using him after this realization. After that, Chigiri and Barou tried to chase Aoshi and got a yellow card for their rough gameplay, and Team Red got a free kick for the same.

While Isagi was thinking about what Rin’s next move could be, the red team scored a goal, and Isagi, while playing, was wondering where both of our egos would lie at the end.

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Upcoming Blue Lock Episode 22 Spoilers:

In the upcoming Episode 22 of Blue Lock, as you saw in the recap, the gameplay between Red Team and White Team still goes on for this episode as well, where we will get to see the final face-off between the teams and between the two main characters for the episodes Rin and Isagi. It will be really interesting to see who will win the match mentally and physically in the game.

Release Date for Episode 22 of Blue Lock:

Blue Lock Episode 22 Release Date & Time
Release Date for Episode 22 of Blue Lock:

Episode 22 of the anime Blue Lock will be released on Saturday, March 11th, at 11:00 AM PST, or Sunday, March 12th, depending on the locations.

Time Zone for Different Locations:

Time ZoneBlue Lock Episode 22 Release Date & Time
Pacific Time11:00 AM PST
Mountain Time12:00 AM PST
Central Time1:00 PM CST
Eastern Time2:00 PM EST
British Time8:00 PM GMT
European Time9:00 PM CEST
Indian Time12:30 AM IST (Sunday)
Blue Lock Episode 22 Release Date & Time

Where Can You Find Upcoming Episode 23 of Blue Lock?

You can always stream your favorite anime on Crunchyroll, and in some locations, Netflix is also available to stream your favorite anime, Blue Lock. Animetroop is a website where you can read spoilers of blue lock anime & many more popular animes.

Lastly, stay tuned for more such manga updates and spoilers!

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