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Boku no My Hero Academia 300 Chapter Raw Scans, Spoilers Released

Boku no My Hero Academia 300 will be a new milestone for My Hero Academia manga and as the fans believe we are just 703 chapters behind one piece but we will get there soon. No worries on that side.

In the last chapter, we saw the tragic backstory of our Number Two Hero Hawks. Hawks was never wanted by his parents. Hawks’ father was a criminal and killed someone over money and his mom sheltered him and that’s how Hawks was born. They never liked Hawks and said really harsh things to him.

Boku no My Hero Academia 300 Raw Scans Spoilers Release

But after all these hardships Hawks did not want to end up like his parents. Despite hating his parents he believed that they were broken inside. When his father stole a car and got arrested by Endeavour, he was happy that his dream that he used to only watch on TV was real. We can clearly see that Hawks’ role model for being a hero was Endeavor.

Also, My Hero Academia Season 5 is premiering on this 27th March. Check all the available details about the season 5 here.

Boku no My Hero Academia 300 Release Date

Boku no My Hero Academia 300 will be released on this upcoming Sunday, 7th February 2021 along with other shonen jump titles – Black Clover 281, One Piece 1003 etc. The spoilers and raw scans for the chapter are out and you can read them below.

Boku no My Hero Academia 300 Release Date7th February 2021
Boku no My Hero Academia 300 Raw Scans Release4th February 2021

Boku No My Hero Academia 300 Raw Scans

Boku No My Hero Academia 300 Raw Scans are out and we are sharing some of them with you here so you can some info about the upcoming chapter. For full details read the spoilers below

We have also covered the spoilers for MHA 300 in Boku No My Hero Academia 300 Spoilers section. You can read them below and get brief details about the upcoming chapter.

Boku no My Hero Academia 300 Spoilers

Last chapter showed us the story of Hawks and how Endeavour gave him strength during his bad phase. In the last panels Hawks goes to visit his mom but she already left. Dabi visited his mom and that means that Endeavour is in danger. Read the spoilers below

Boku no My Hero Academia MHA BNHA Chapter 300 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
  • Official Title “Todoroki-kun’s Family Hell 2”
  • The villains have entered the city and everyone is panicked to see them.
  • The villains are destroying the city and attacking citizens for money.
  • The number of heroes has decreased and there are not enough heroes to save citizens who completely rely on heroes.
  • Also, many heroes are changing their profession
  • Now citizens are blaming heroes or a hero in particular that is Endeavour.
  • Endeavour wakes up.
  • His face is very pale and he looks like he is almost crying.
  • He is not Endeavor anymore, He is Enji now who can not fight his murderer son.
  • Shoyo, Futumi, Natsuo shows up to see their dad.
  • Natsuo asks why is he crying to this Enji replies that he regrets every decision he made.
  • In the last panel, Rei appears with the same flowers Enji used to bring Rei and says she wants to talk about the Todoroki family including Touya.
  • There is a part that shows Stain.
  • Nothing is mentioned about Deku, Bakugo, Tamaki, Denki, or Mirio in this chapter.
  • No break next week.

Where to Read BNHA 300?

There are two ways to read the manga for free. You can read it on Viz Media’s official website or on Shueisha Japan’s official Manga Plus mobile website and app. These sources provide the latest chapters of your favorite manga available for free. For reading the complete manga you have to pay.

These are the available details for My hero academia 300 now and if we receive any more information on Bnha 300 then we will update this article as soon as possible. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about MHA 300 spoilers and Bnha 300 raw scans.

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