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(Sasuke is Alive) Boruto 54 Raw Scans, Spoilers Release Date

Boruto 54 is going to drop this Wednesday and every series fan is excited and scared that how things are going to take place in the latest upcoming Boruto manga chapter as Momoshiki Otsutsuki has taken control over Boruto’s body.

In the last chapter, Naruto fought Isshiki Otsutsuki with his newly acquired power ‘Baryon Mode’ and defeated him by reducing his life span but the new power also had a toll on Naruto and he is lying on the ground. Thank god, he is safe.

Boruto Manga Chapter 54 Official Cover Raw Scans Spoilers Release
Boruto Chapter 54 Official Cover

But defeating Isshiki was possible because of Kawaki’s presence of mind and resistance as he used Shadow clones to bait Isshiki and wasted his time. That gave naruto enough time to beat and kill him.

But the tables turned in the last panel of Boruto Chapter 53 as Momoshiki Otsutsuki ( an old villain from the series or you could say the first major villain of the Boruto series ) took control over Boruto’s body using a Karma seal placed on Boruto’s body same as Kawaki when they were fighting.

This new form is called ‘Borushiki’. Borushiki attacked Sasuke from behind when he was going to check on Naruto and Kawaki and destroyed Sasuke’s Rinnegan. Now Sasuke and Naruto both are in grave danger as both don’t have any chakra left from continuos fighting Borushiki. More will be revealed when Boruto 54 drops this week.

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Boruto 54 release date

Boruto Chapter 54 “Brothers is set to release this Wednesday on 20th January 2021. The Raw scans are out as usual before the official English release of Boruto 54 and you can read them below in the spoilers section. Raw scans dropped late this week, only one day before the official release.

Boruto 54 release date20th January 2021
Boruto 54 raw scans release19th January 2021

Boruto Chapter 54 Raw Scans

Boruto 54 Raw Scans are out and fans are getting hyped over the leaked images. We are also attaching a piece of the chapter. You can get an idea of what is going on.

Also, we have covered spoilers based on the raw scans and leaked pictures. Make sure to check them out too. Read them below in the Spoilers section.

Boruto Chapter 54 Spoilers

In the last chapter, Everyone was injured and wounded as Isshiki was very powerful to fight, and defeating him almost killed the Seventh Hokage Naruto. But they did not expect this big threat called Borushiki might appear at this crucial time and this got them by surprise and Sasuke lost his Rinnegan. For more read the spoilers in the ‘Boruto 54 Spoilers’ section below

Boruto 54 Manga Chapter Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date
Boruto 54

Boruto 54 Spoilers

  • Sasuke is alive. (Thank God)
  • Borushiki says that now Sasuke’s RInnegan is gone he can not use Spacetime Jutsu anymore. It was very troublesome last time but this time he can’t run away like this.
  • Sasuke notices that Boruto’s hand and wounds are healed by Momoshiki’s powers.
  • Kawaki gets a flashback of Boruto saying get rid of his curse mark (Karma seal) and defeating Jigen together.
  • Kawaki tries to talk to Boruto but he says ‘You are free now as Isshiki is dead’
  • Kawaki vs Borushiki but Kawaki doesn’t stand a chance against him despite using his modified arm.
  • Borushiki reveals that he has the same plans as Isshiki and will feed kawaki to the ten tails to get the chakra fruit but he doesn’t know where is the divine tree
  • Naruto is unconscious.
  • Sasuke vs Borushiki.
  • Sasuke attacks with his sword but Boruto dodges the attack using a kunai.
  • Borushiki can not absorb ninjutsu.
  • Sasuke attacks with a fireball but Boruto tries to run and dodges the attack.
  • Sasuke goes back to Kawaki who is with Naruto and says that something is wrong and he can feel it.
  • Sasuke tells Kawaki that they have to defeat Borushiki as soon as they can as remaining his chakra is very less otherwise ‘We’ll all die’.
  • Sasuke realizes that Borushiki is able to use Spacetime Jutsu and can go back to Konoha. Before this happens they have to stop him.
  • Sasuke thinks that Boruto’s chakra exhaustion can be the reason behind Momoshiki taking over Boruto’s body and tells the same to Kawaki.
  • Kawaki doubts it but Sasuke says that they don’t have anything else and this might help to regain Boruto’s consciousness.
  • Borushiki from far away says that attacking them directly will not work.
  • Sasuke says that he wants Borushiki to absorb chakra, so they have to attack with their remaining power.
  • Sasuke uses Amaterasu but it was of no use as Boruto used his shadow clone to avoid the attack.
  • Sasuke gets hit by Vanishing Rasengan from Borushiki.
  • Borushiki tries to absorb Kawaki using Spacetime Jutsu but Kawaki uses fire release directly on Borushiki’s face.
  • Borushiki tries to stop spacetime jutsu but it’s too late and absorbs chakra.
  • Kawaki is unconscious.
  • Borushiki tries to finish what he started but Boruto gains his consciousness back.
  • Boruto takes back control of his body and breaks the horn saying ‘This is how far you go, Momoshiki’.
  • Boruto says to Kawaki that he is sorry for the trouble and Kawaki replies we are all together in this, Brother.
  • The last panel shows Sasuke looking at Naruto who is unconscious in a concerned manner.
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The spoilers are taken from twitter accounts of Mr. Abdul Zoldyck and his friend Mr. @Nite_Baron.

Where to Read Boruto Manga Chapter 54?

You can read Boruto Chapter 54 officially either on VIZ Media’s official website or on the Manga Plus app and website and you don’t have to pay anything for reading the latest chapter. They have some recent chapters of different mangas available for free to read. So you can check them out and also try some other new things. For reading the complete Boruto manga you would have to buy a subscription plan for these services.

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