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Boruto Chapter 55 Spoilers and Discussion, Raw Scans Release Date

Boruto Chapter 54 was one of the best Boruto chapters but the last panel has concerned series’ long-time fans and now we all want answers to what is going to happen in Boruto Chapter 55.

First, let’s discuss what happened in the previous chapter. We know that Borushiki attacked Sasuke in Chapter 53 and destroyed Sasuke’s Rinnegan so he can not use Space-Time Jutsu anymore. This is the second time when Momoshiki took control over Boruto’s body.

Boruto Chapter 55 Raw Scans Spoilers Discussions Release Date
Boruto Chapter 55

The chapter as always manga panels mostly contained scenes from fighting. Sasuke Sama and Kawaki try to fight Borushiki but they can not stand against Otsutsuki in their current physical state. Sasuke is pretty exhausted from continuous fighting and Kawaki was fighting Isshiki Otsutsuki moments ago.

But somehow Sasuke gets hold of the situation and comes up with a plan that they have to force Borushiki to consume some chakra and that might trigger Boruto’s consciousness and maybe he can take over his body again. The plan works as Kawaki blast a fire explosion directly in the face of Borushiki and he can’t escape it and this results in Boruto taking the control back.

After gaining consciousness Boruto breaks the horn on his head and says he is sorry for what happened. The chapter ends with Sasuke looking concerned over Naruto as Naruto is lying on the ground unconscious. Read the full recap below

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Boruto Chapter 55 release date

Let’s discuss the release date for Boruto Chapter 55. The next Boruto manga chapter is dropping on February 19th, 2021 along with Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69. Raw scans will be out as usual (two-three days before the official English chapter release.).

Boruto Chapter 55 release date19th February 2021
Boruto Chapter 55 raw scans release16-17 February 2021

Boruto Chapter 55 Raw Scans

Boruto Chapter 55 Raw Scans will be out 2-3 days before the official release date of the chapter. We will update them as soon as they get released to provide you an insight into what is coming. Bookmark this article so you don’t have to find it anywhere else again.


Read the possible spoilers and discussion in the thread below. Spoilers will be out as soon as the chapter goes on sale in Japan.

Boruto Chapter 55 Spoilers and Discussions

  • Is Naruto going to die in Boruto Chapter 55? – Fans were happy as things were going in the favor of Sasuke and Kawaki and their plan worked perfectly on Borushiki and they were able to wake Boruto up. But the last panel left fans anxious and worried about Naruto as Sasuke gave a very concerned look, looking at Naruto while Naruto can be seen unconscious on the battlefield. Are these the side effect of the recently used technique (Baryon Mode) and Naruto’s life is in danger then the series is going to take a very interesting turn.
  • What is going to happen next might is still unknown but every fan wants Naruto to live but everything will be cleared as soon as the next chapter arrives.
Code might take the leadership after Isshiki died.
Code (Member of Kara)
  • Code is the leader of Kara now? – Isshiki Otsutsuki was the Leader of Kara but now he is dead and there is a strong possibility that Code is now the leader of Kara and he might come to take revenge on Konoha with Delta. Code is being trained somewhere to take on Konoha after Isshiki died.
  • Sasuke’s Fate – While fans are worried about Naruto, Sasuke is also in danger after his Rinnegan got destroyed by Borushiki. This questions that how they will manage to go back to Konoha.
  • Another Cliffhanger waiting for us? – The upcoming Boruto manga chapter will be the last chapter of volume 14 and we can expect an ending with a big cliffhanger and that cliffhanger might be Kara Foundation attacking Konoha village.
  • These spoilers and discussions are taken from different forums and websites. These fan theories might become or not. So these are not 100% true, for exact spoilers we will have to wait some time.
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Boruto Chapter 54 Recap

Boruto Chapter 54 starts with Borushiki saying that I have got rid of that annoying Rinnegan and you can’t use space-time jutsu now. Borushiki also reveals that this is the second time that he has taken over Boruto’s body.

Sasuke notices that Boruto’s wounds are healing. Then Borushiki talks to Kawaki and says you are free now as Isshiki is dead but Kawaki does not listen to him and tries to attack with his modified arm but that doesn’t work on Borushiki and Borushiki stabs Kawaki with a kunai.

Sasuke saves Kawaki with a kick and checks on Kawaki if he is okay. Borushiki then reveals that his plan is to feed Kawaki to ten tails to get the location of divine chakra fruit. Naruto gets unconscious on the sidelines. Sasuke and Kawaki attack Boruto again thinking that Boruto might get his consciousness back.

Boruto 55 Manga Raw Scans Spoilers Discussions Release Date
Boruto 55

Sasuke attacks Borushiki with Amaterasu but he avoids that attack using a shadow clone. Then Sasuke notices something that Borushiki is not absorbing chakra. Sasuke tells this to Kawaki but Kawaki doesn’t like the idea but then Sasuke says we don’t have anything to rely on.

Borushiki attacks Sasuke with a vanishing Rasengan and Sasuke gets pretty hurt. Kawaki fights again with Borushiki and launches a fire attack directly in the face of Borushiki. This time Borushiki can’t escape and absorbs chakra. Their plan works and Boruto takes over the body and says that’s enough Momoshiki and torn off the Otsutsuki horn on his head.

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Boruto says sorry about the mess to Kawaki and Sasuke takes a breath of relief but it does not last long. He looks over Naruto who is unconscious in a very concerned manner. Read the full chapter here.

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