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(Boruto vs. Kawaki) Boruto Chapter 58 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

Boruto Chapter 58 will be containing the fight between friends as well as rivals, Boruto and Kawaki. The latest chapter is getting out on 20th May but the spoilers for the chapter are out and you can read them below.

Boruto vs. Kawaki - Boruto Chapter 58 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date Manga Leaks

In the last chapter, Jigen ordered Boro to destroy all the cyborgs Amado created in past but Boro stole some of them and stored them in a safe place. Bug was surprised that Code didn’t do anything about it even after he was aware of it. Code said that he was not sure of it and it is a good thing.

Code commanded Bug to wake up Eida. Bug said that she knows everything and Code can’t control her and that made Code angry and he opened the door with his claws to free Eida. On the other side, in the Five Kage summit, several topics were discussed including Code and Jyuubi.

At Boro Headquarters, Eida walked out of the chamber and code greeted him but she didn’t answer, and that made Code angry and threatened her to disopes her. Code tried to attack her but his claws did not move. Then Eida replied that she didn’e mean any disrespect, she was just concerned about her bad breath.

She greeted Bug and asked him to take Code in the bar. Then after some time, she explained everything about how her powers work, how she is like a surveillance camera in every room in this world, and how she can look back into the past too. Code was impressed by her powers. Although, there is no mention of Eida in Boruto Chapter 58 she will return in upcoming chapters.

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Boruto Chapter 58 release date

Boruto Chapter 58 is set to be released on 20th May 2021 along with Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 in Shueisha Japan’s monthly V-Jump magazine. Spoilers for the chapter are out and you can read them below in the spoilers section.

Boruto Chapter 58 release date20th May 2021
Boruto Chapter 58 raw scans release18-19th May 2021

Boruto Chapter 58 Raw Scans

Boruto Chapter 58 Raw scans should have been out till now but they are taking more time than usual but do not worry we will update them as soon as they get released.

Anyways the spoilers are out for the chapter so you can read them now and for raw scans bookmark this article and check back in some time.

Boruto Chapter 58 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘The Right Tools for The Right Job: Idiots, Shears, and That damn bastard’
  • Boruto and Naruto are sitting in a room in their house and they are talking about the drugs Amado gave to Naruto.
  • Boruto can not believe and surprisingly asks that Drugs will stop the Otsutsuki Transformation?
  • Boruto takes some pills on a plate and tries to analyze them.
  • Naruto says that it’s all up to Boruto if he wants to take them or not as they don’t know about the side effects. Naruto adds that as the worst-case scenario, Boruto might die due to these pills. So he leaves the decision on Boruto.
  • Boruto picks up a pill and stares at it for a moment and then gulps it.
  • Naruto is angry over it as Boruto didn’t think it through and slams his hands on the table.
  • Naruto yells at Boruto asking how does he feel now?
  • Then Boruto talks about his resolve and the risks he is willing to take to achieve his goals.
  • The scene shifts where Kawaki, Mitsuki, Boruto, and Sarada are hanging out.
  • They talk about why Boruto is taking those drugs and what if something happens to him?
  • Konohamaru and Naruto are observing them from above.
  • According to Konohamaru, Kawaki is a problem for the team as he is not cooperative.
  • Kawaki says that with this type of regular training they will never be able to defeat Code.
  • Mitsuki asks about what they should do instead of the training.
  • Kawaki suddenly attacks Mitsuki using his right arm and Mitsuki counters.
  • Sarada joins the fight afterward and Boruto is still looking.
  • Sarada attacks Kawaki with multiple shurikens and they all struck him all over the body. After that Kawaki disappears and teleports right behind Sarada with his armed shaped as a shear.
  • Boruto manages to stop the attack just in time and yells at Kawaki.
Boruto vs. Kawaki - Boruto Chapter 58 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date Manga Leaks reddit
  • Sarada tries to interfere but Boruto stops her and says that he will handle this one on one.
  • The winner of the fight will get to decide the training method.
  • Konohamaru and Naruto are still looking at them from above with tensed faces.
  • The fight starts with Boruto and Kawaki punching each other in the face.
  • Kawaki extends his arm while Boruto uses Rasengan using his clones.
  • Kawaki fires a blast from his arm and Boruto absorbs it using his karma.
  • Boruto counterattacks with Raiton: Jinraisen, Kawaki extends his arm to absorb it.
  • But he suddenly realizes that he can not absorb chakra anymore and takes the attack on his body and gets thrown away by the impact.
  • Boruto wins the fight fair and square.
  • Kawaki says he is pathetic as he depends this much on Karma and at this rate he won’t be able to save Nanadaime if something happens.
  • Boruto interferes saying Kawaki should rely on others too without burdening himself alone.
  • Naruto and Konohamaru come and Naruto says ‘Keep doing hard work and you’ll get stronger.
  • Kawaki stares at his hand and says he have to get stronger, no matter what it takes.
  • Boruto Chapter 58 ends.
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Where to read Boruto chapter 58?

There are two methods to read Boruto Manga at the earliest in English. The first one is Viz Media’s official website and the other one is Shueisha’s own service Mangaplus mobile app and website. On both these platforms some chapters are free to read but if you want to unlock the complete manga then just pay the subscription fee.

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