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(Delta is Back!!) Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Code infiltrated Konoha using the claw mark he left on Shikamaru’s neck in Boruto Chapter 68 and that caused panic all over Konoha and it is not over yet. Code is still in the town but Konoha has their new warrior specially designed to fight Code. Read more about it in the spoilers section.

In the previous Boruto chapter, we saw that everyone thought Boruto was dead. Upon asking, Code said that he will use Kawaki instead for the sacrifice for ten tails and that made Ada angry. Then Code attacked Shikamaru.

Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read English VIz Mangaplus

But then Code was attacked by Kawaki saying that he will not let anyone touch Lord Seventh even if it’s his own brother. Naruto was in grief and Shikamaru tried to remind him that he has duties as Hokage but it was of no use. Kawaki was still beating Code. Then Code summoned Daemon and we saw Kawaki flying.

Boruto was obliged to die but Momoshiki interfered as he would also die if his vessel dies so he used karma powers and healed Boruto. But all this turned Boruto into a complete Otsutsuki because of the data. Code retreated but Momoshiki warned Boruto about the upcoming events.

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Boruto Chapter 68 release date

Boruto Chapter 68 is set to be released on 18th March 2022 along with Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 in Shueisha Japan’s monthly V-Jump magazine. Spoilers and Raw scans are also has been released, you can read them below.

Boruto Chapter 68 release date18th March 2022
Boruto Chapter 68 raw scans release17th March 2022

Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans

Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans has been released, you can check them below in the mentioned tweets. Also, don’t forget to read the spoilers to get an idea of what is going to happen in the upcoming Boruto manga chapter.

Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Mark’
  • The chapter starts with Boruto in the village. Amado, Sai, and Katasuke are talking about Momoshiki.
  • Kawaki is unconscious and is lying in a bed.
  • Next to Kawaki, there is Sumire, Shikamaru, Ibiki, and Naruto, they are watching over.
  • Sumire and Shikamaru talk about what they are going to do with Kawaki.
  • Sumire asks why they bring Kawaki to her instead of Amado.
  • Sasuke makes an appearance after a very long time.
  • He was investigating Code all this time and talks about Code’s hideout with Shikamaru.
  • Then the scene shifts and we see Code, Ada, and Daemon in a space.
  • Daemon is already awake and clinging to Code’s back.
  • Ada speaks of her partnership with Code as Code brings Kawaki to her and she helps Code to retain his strength.
  • We see Shikamaru angry and he grabbed Amado by his collar.
  • Sarada, Mitsuki, and Boruto are examining Boruto’s mark and are talking about how Code is going to target Boruto for making him a sacrifice for the Ten-Tails.
  • Then Sasuke appears and they are all excited.
  • Sasuke tells Team 7 about the upcoming danger and they should not underestimate Code.
  • Now, In Amado’s room, Shikamaru asks Amado why he reconfigured Kawaki’s karma without anyone’s knowing.
  • Amado replies in a satirical tone and says that now at least he has the power to save Naruto and others.
  • Then suddenly Code appears from the mark he placed on Shikamaru’s neck.
  • Amado is shocked, Code asks to lift his limiters so that he can regain his full strength.
  • Amado says that Konoha’s sensory team will notice him in a second.
  • The same happens and Ino and Shikamaru make sensory contact.
  • Shikamaru uses ‘Kage mane no Jutsu, the coffin opens and Delta comes out of it.
  • Code is in shock and shouts “Delta…?”.
  • Shikamaru mentions that this now reconfigured Delta is to protect Konoha and instruct Delta to attack Code.
  • Delta gets Code by surprise and kicks him.
  • But Code was able to put claw marks on the sidewall and then Ada enters the battle.
  • The chapter ends with trembling Amado calling Ada’s name.
Boruto Manga Chapter 68 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read English VIz Mangaplus

Where to read Boruto Chapter 68?

There are two methods to read Boruto Manga at the earliest in English. The first one is Viz Media’s official website and the other one is Shueisha’s own service Mangaplus mobile app and website. On both these platforms some chapters are free to read but if you want to unlock the complete manga then just pay the subscription fee.

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