Boruto Episode 174 Release Date, Preview & Details

In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming Boruto Episode 174 Release Date, Preview, and all the other details. Boruto: Naruto next generations is based on Seventh Hokage Naruto’s Son, Boruto. Boruto Manga is very popular with Chapter 52 releasing this month. The anime is also very good and famous among fans.

Boruto Episode 174
Boruto Episode 174

Boruto Episode 174 Release Date

Boruto Episode 174 will be broadcasted on 15th November 2020, Sunday in Japan, and will be simulcasted on the various anime streaming platforms including Crunchyroll, Netflix, etc. We recommend you to watch Boruto 174 from legal sources only and support the creators and artists.

Where to watch Boruto Episode 174?

You can watch Boruto 174 on various platforms. Crunchyroll has all the Boruto episodes and broadcasts the latest episode in English Subbed version on their platform while the English version will take some time to get released. Boruto Anime is also available on popular streaming sites Netflix and Hulu, you can also watch the latest Boruto episodes here.

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Boruto Episode 174 Preview

Boruto Episode 174 Eng Sub Preview was released at the end of episode 173 and was uploaded by a fan on Youtube. You can check the official preview here

Boruto Episode 173 Summary

In Boruto Episode 173, Mitsuki wakes up after being injured in a fight and is being scolded by his brother and his father Orochimaru for using his Sage transformation recklessly. On the other side, Boruto and Sarada explain the situation and the truth of Victor and Andou to Miss Mia.

Boruto 174
Boruto 174

The feudal lord who was under genjutsu comes for inspection at Victor’s Facility. Genjutsu was released by Konohamaru and Mugino and now they are with the feudal lord, disguised as his bodyguards. Konohamaru and Mugino tries but could not stop Victor from starting the procedure and it ended up in the appearance of an artificial Chakra tree.

This end Boruto Episode 173 and the following will continue in Boruto 174. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates about Boruto 174 and Boruto Episode 174 Spoilers.

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