Boruto Episode 190: Release Date, Time, Preview and Where to Watch

Boruto Episode 190 is officially titled “Escape”.In the recent episode of Boruto, we have witnessed a breathtaking battle between Kawaki And Garo (an outsider ally of Kara) in which Kawaki defeated Garo.

Kawaki - Boruto Episode 190 Release Date, Time, Preview, and Where to Watch
Boruto Episode 190

Boruto Episode 190 Release Date and Time

Boruto Episode 190 is going to release on 14th March 2021. It will officially air on Sunday at 5:30 PM JST.

Boruto Episode 190 Release Date14th March 2021
Boruto Episode 190 Release timeSunday at 5:30 PM JST

Boruto Episode 190 Where to Watch

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is a weekly Shonen Anime that is released every Sunday. You can watch Boruto Episode 190 online on Crunchyroll.

Boruto Episode 190 Preview

Below is the Preview of Boruto Episode 190 with English Subtitles.

We have seen in the last episode that Team 7 has decided to take Kawaki with them. As shown in the Preview Kawaki is in confinement where he is frustrated as to why they locked him. Naruto and others in Konoha have been informed about him and Naruto is on his way to reach Ryutan city where Kawaki is held in Confinement. Ryutan city is a city situated in the Land of Fire where scientific advancements are at a much higher level than Konoha.

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Kawaki is shown trying to Escape from the Lab and in the process, he faces Class Representative and fights with her. We are excited to see how the story progresses in the upcoming episode.

Boruto Episode 189 Recap

In Episode 189 of Boruto, we have seen the battle between Kawaki and Garo in which Kawaki defeated Garo and blasted him to death by his karma power.

As we know from the previous episodes Kawaki is the Vessel for Isshiki Otsuutsuki and now he is on a run as the airship which was carrying him got crashed. In this episode, Konohamaru recognizes that Kara is after Kawaki whom they have been referring to as Vessel.

When the Battle between Garo and Kawaki took place Kashin Koji and Delta were also present there though as mere spectators. They didn’t interfere in the fight. When Kawaki was exhausted during battle and Garo was dominating the fight then The Power of Karma Seal awakened and He killed Garo with a huge blast.

Kawaki - Boruto Episode 190  Release Date, Time, Preview, and Where to Watch

The impact of the blast caused by Kawaki’s Karma power was so huge that the attack reached Team 7 and would have killed them if it was not for Boruto’s Karma.

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Boruto’s Karma Seal also activated due to the resonance effect of Kawaki’s Karma. Boruto absorbed the harm caused by the blast and saved Team 7. After this Delta told Kashin Koji to eliminate Leaf shinobis but Koji declined to do so as after seeing Boruto’s Karma he thought that there is a need for more intel on karma.

After using all of his energy in the battle Kawaki exhausted himself too much and fell down unconscious. Dr. Katasuke told Team 7 that it may be because of overheating due to too much use of his power. After this Katasuke took the blood sample of Kawaki to test it and found out that Kawaki’s Body is very special. He told that Kawaki’s Body is a piece of art modified by a genius. As we inform you for your clearance that He was referring to Amado ( an inner member of Kara) though Team 7 still has no idea about who Amado is. After this Team 7 took Kawaki with them.

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