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Boruto Manga Chapter 53: Borushiki Appears, Boruto’s New Form, Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date

We are going to discuss trending Boruto Manga Chapter 53 Release Date, its Possible Spoilers, Its Raw Scans, and all other available details in this article. Boruto Manga is the continuation of the popular anime and manga series Naruto and the story revolves around Boruto, Naruto’s son.

Boruto Chapter 52 was released a month before and Boruto Manga Chapter 53 was also announced at the last chapter end. You can read Boruto Chapter 53 officially on VIZ Media official website and also on the Manga Plus app for free.

Boruto Manga Chapter 53 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date Borushiki
Boruto Manga Chapter 53

In the last chapter, we saw that Naruto has obtained a new mysterious power called ‘Baryon Mode‘ and fighting Isshiki Otsutsuki. This time Naruto is beating Isshiki and continuously reducing his lifespan. Isshiki’s lifespan was reduced to some 10 minutes from 20 hours by powerful attacks of Naruto.

Naruto’s new power soaks chakra from Naruto and Kurama both and will not stop consuming chakra until one of them or both of them die. Kurama also reveals that this power also works as Sun’s Nuclear fusion reaction but Naruto doesn’t get much of it and continues fighting Isshiki.

Sasuke was also shocked seeing Naruto’s new power and thinks how does he don’t know about this power. Sasuke senses a sudden chakra drop from Naruto and Naruto can’t withstand it and gets punched by Isshiki. Sensing the danger Isshiki tries to make a link to his vessel Kawaki.

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He finds one on Kawaki’s right hand through Naruto’s chakra and teleports Kawaki on the battlegrounds where Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto are fighting Isshiki. The Chapter ends with this more will be revealed on 20th December. We have covered Boruto Manga chapter 53 spoilers based on leaks and Raw scans you can read them below

Boruto Chapter 53 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date
Boruto Chapter 53

Boruto Manga Chapter 53 release date

Boruto Chapter 53 is going to be released on December 20th, 2020. The Raw Scans will be out 1-2 days before the official release of chapter 53. So, we can expect we will get the Raw scans on probably 18th December 2020.

Boruto Manga Chapter 53 release dateDecember 20th, 2020
Boruto Manga Chapter 53 raw scansDecember 18th, 2020

Boruto Manga Chapter 53 Raw Scans

Boruto Manga Chapter 53 Raw Scans are out and can be seen on various social media platforms. we are also attaching some of them with you so you can get an idea of where Boruto Chapter 53 is going.

We have also covered Boruto Chapter 53 Spoilers based on these leaked raw scans and pictures and you can read them in the spoilers section below.

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Boruto Manga Chapter 53 Spoilers

In Boruto Chapter 52 we saw that Naruto is fighting will full force with Isshiki while Sasuke and Boruto both are badly injured and are lying on the ground. Isshiki’s lifespan is being reduced rapidly by strong attacks of Naruto and sensing that he might be in big trouble he teleports his vessel Kawaki on fighting grounds to take over his body but this task won’t be that easy for him.

Boruto's New Borushiki Form
Boruto’s New Borushiki Form
  • Boruto’s new form (Borushiki Form)Boruto took Sasuke’s Rinnegan and used it on his Otsutsuki form. This is quite shocking as it was never expected by anyone.
  • Kawaki is on Battlegrounds – As Isshiki found a link to Kawaki’s right hand through Naruto’s chakra and teleported him on the battleground. Naruto and Sasuke don’t this fact and both are shocked on seeing Kawaki.
  • Isshiki only has 5 Minutes left– The damage from Naruto’s attack was too high and it reduced Isshiki’s lifespan from some hours to 5 minutes. Now, all they have to do is to stop Isshiki from taking control over Kawaki’s body.
  • Sasuke saves Kawaki by switching places – Kawaki tires to run as per instructions but were caught by Isshiki and when Isshiki was putting his Karma on Kawaki, Sasuke saves Kawaki using his place switching technique.
  • Naruto is Isshiki’s hostage to lure Kawaki out – After Sasuke switch place with Kawaki, Isshiki uses his byakugan but can not find him so he takes Naruto as a hostage and asks Kawaki to surrender.
  • Kawaki uses a shadow clone to run and the Karma seal is now disappearing from his body.
  • Naruto is impressed by Kawaki’s thinking.
  • Sasuke comes to check on Naruto and Kawaki both.
  • Isshiki is on grounds.
  • Boruto attacks Sasuke with a kunai and takes his rinnegan.
  • Borushiki (Boruto’s Momoshiki form) says that he is surprised that Naruto and others were able to defeat Isshiki. But now he is here and will take care of things on his own.
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