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Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

The Chainsaw Man manga was exceptional as it is, but MAPPA, one of the renowned studios worldwide, has decided to take it to a new level by developing an animated series.  It began airing last October 11, so many fans have been riled up about the characters and their powers. 

With that in mind, here’s a list of the top 10 strongest people in Chainsaw Man, ranked by their fighting prowess, as well as streaming platforms where you can watch them in action.

10. Kishibe

Kishibe - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

A stoic older member of Tokyo Special Division 4, Kishibe is an incredibly powerful fighter with a straightforward personality. He has incredible agility and speed, as well as powerful punches, which allow him to take on even larger opponents. Many fans even consider him the Levi Ackerman of Chainsaw Man. He was also highlighted in the latest trailer.

9. Aki Hayawaka

Aki Hayawaka - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

Aki has been one of the main protagonists since the beginning, but he rarely takes action. He’s not weak, though. Aki’s covenants with the Fox, Curse, and Future Devil give him unique skills. Curse Devil lets him summon a nail-like blade that deals immense damage. Using it shortens his life. Future Devil allows him to see a few seconds ahead and plan his moves, and the summoned Fox Devil can eat or shred enemies.

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8. Angel Devil

Angel Devil - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

Angel Devil looks female but is male. He seems lively and full of life, but he’s lethargic, preventing him from getting stronger. Even so, he’s still one of Chainsaw Man’s strongest characters.

Angel Devil’s dual duality of angel and devil makes him hard to understand. On one side, he feels humanity must suffer, but his angel side hates their deaths. His skill is life-span absorption. Touching someone gives him their life. This absorbed lifespan can be a devastating weapon. More life, deadlier weapon.

7. Quanxi

Quanxi - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

Even when her ladies flatter her, Quanxi maintains her composure and stoicism and exhibits minimal emotion. She is not embarrassed to do business while cozying up to her harem of demons. Hirofumi Yoshida has said that Quanxi has a strength beyond what humans are capable of. 

She can hack through dozens of people and dolls while wielding swords without slowing down, and she only stops after the force of her own strikes has completely destroyed her weapons. Both Aki Hayakawa and the Angel Devil were knocked unconscious by just one of her deflected blows.

6. Power

Power - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

Power, a supporting character, has two horns on her head and a mouth full of sharp fangs to show that she is no ordinary girl. She is aggressive, crass, and self-absorbed. When she’s in a position of power, she can feel a little over her head, but her boundless energy more than makes up for it.

When it comes to fighting the demons, Denji now has a reluctant new ally in Power. Power may shape her own blood into weapons, such as a massive hammer or a deadly spear, to employ in a violent confrontation. Thousands of blood swords and spears can be created by Power in a pinch.

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5. Hell Devil

Hell Devil - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

The devil from hell symbolizes hell. The Hell Devil is a featureless centaur with a big grin. He has flaming flesh and can appear as a six-fingered hand coming from a heaven-to-hell portal. This lets the devil send people to hell. The demon from hell can bring victims to earth.

4. Santa Claus

Santa Claus - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

Santa in Chainsaw Man isn’t as nice and pleasant as we know it. In fact, it is International Assassination Arc.’s, main enemy. Santa Claus is a dark-haired German woman with a mole under her eye. It’s unclear if she’s legit. Santa Claus’ powers are a mystery.

Santa Claus creates dolls. She can make anyone her minion with a touch. By touching these dolls, she can already assemble an army, but she must be nearby to control them. By transferring her consciousness to her dolls, she can live forever.

3. Makima

Makima - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

Makima has superpowers and intellect. Her charm and manipulation may deceive anyone. Denji, her human pet, is the best evidence of her cunning. Makima’s terrifying actions in the series drew comparisons to Bleach’s Sosuke Aizen and Berserk’s Griffith.

Makima can control inferiors as the Control Devil. She can use her victims’ powers because they’re chained to her. Her Force Manipulation skill lets her damage targets with an invisible force. Combining all her talents, she’s one of Chainsaw Man’s most powerful characters.

2. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

Darkness Devil is the scariest Chainsaw Man figure due to its corpse-filled body. Since Darkness Devil’s first appearance, the Devil Hunters have feared him. It gets power on humans’ fear of darkness. Darkness Devil can kill just by staring at them. It can injure victims and perform chanting to demolish them. Darkness Devil’s deadliest weapon is the Black Sword. Telekinetic sword kills foes in a blink.

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1. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man - Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Characters Ranked

Chainsaw Man overcame opponents well above his level, thanks to  Pochita’s pact that gives Denji the best abilities. However, power usually depends on sanity. According to a manga chapter, rational Devil Hunters are more likely to die. However, if they have a few loose screws, then they can easily survive the game of life and death. 

Denji is the most powerful Devil Hunters and Chainsaw Man character since he has the loosest screws. His hands and head transform into a real chainsaw as he becomes Chainsaw Man. The Chainsaw Devil can obliterate people’s memories of Devils and use the chainsaw chains to draw opponents closer.

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man and Other Anime Series

You can watch the latest episodes of Chainsaw Man and other hit anime series, you can check the following streaming platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Sling TV
  • Crunchyroll
  • Go Latino TV
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Planet Dish
  • Netflix


Chainsaw Man is a thrilling action anime series with some amazing characters. To witness the most powerful characters in Chainsaw Man, catch up on the series by watching it on some of the most popular streaming platforms. Enjoy!

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