Cultivating a Love of Learning: The Impact of Anime on Students and Education

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As an educator, you want to provide your students with the best learning experience. However, their needs and interests change year by year, so you need to adapt your teaching strategies to these new factors. As a student in college, you want to have the most enriching learning experience. You have to learn and study from books, but also pay attention to what the teacher shares in class. But what if we tell you that there are many other ways in which a love for learning can be cultivated?

Besides going beyond sharing the theory, learning can be fun too. And this fun element can be added by watching anime. Many would think that watching tv series or movies do not help with the learning process. But in fact, this has incredible benefits for the learning process. So, what is the impact of anime on students and education?

Teaching Language

Cultivating a love of learning might feel like a challenging thing to do during these times. As technology is mostly directing the change of society and mindsets, you need to keep up the pace with it. As an educator, you might feel teaching language to students could be easier than before, as you now have many multimedia sources you can use. As more and more college students develop a passion for watching anime, you can use it within the class. But what is its impact on students and education? Well, as students start watching anime, they will surely develop a love for Japan and its language.

Watching anime is so immersing sometimes, that many students might forget about writing their essays. And then, they might end up rushing every step of the writing process, looking for college essay ideas and writing their college essay. But they need to learn more about the essay format and betrayal titles and essays as this will help them deliver a powerful paper. Of course, it depends on the topic of the essay, but they can find many ideas online. If they need to write an essay about Japan, if they have watched anime, for sure they have acquired a lot of knowledge about this country. One of the biggest benefits of watching anime for students and their education is that they start learning the language too. And for those students who are actively trying to learn Japanese, watching anime is a great way to start with.

Building Confidence

College times are usually stressful and overwhelming. Even though at the start of the year every student is full of motivation and inspiration, their levels might dwindle along the way. When you see how many assignments you have to complete, how many group projects you have to work on, or how many books you have to read, it is easy to feel defeated by all these. You might feel you do not have time for yourself, and depression, anxiety, and burnout can easily make room in your life.

These have a negative effect on your test and academic performance. However, even though you might feel watching anime means losing time, this is not always the case. When you see the hero of the series facing so many demanding challenges, this can inspire you to do the same. This helps students learn the value of self-worth. And more importantly, they learn to trust themselves more. Watching anime can indeed build self-confidence, something that many students need during college and not only. And trusting your powers means that you will learn more effectively and score higher on tests.

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The Value of Hard Work

No matter how much you trust your powers, at times, you may need to put in a lot of effort and hard work to acquire knowledge. Not every topic you study in college is facile and you may need to practice and exercise a lot to learn when to apply what theory.

Well, one of the main themes of any anime is hard work. The main character aims to achieve something, a goal he fights for during the whole series. And they have to put in a lot of hard work to achieve it, which can turn out to be inspiring for students. And it can cultivate a love of learning too.

Final Thoughts

Being a student in college is an enriching experience. However, there will be challenging times too, when you may feel you are low on motivation and inspiration. Even though many see watching anime as a loss of time, it comes with many positive benefits. You develop a love for Japan, its culture, and its language. You learn the value of hard work, but you also build confidence in your skills. Which can indeed cultivate a love of learning.

Bio lines: Karl Bowman is a blogger and content writer passionate about anime. His favorite country is Japan and he’s always watching anime to learn more about its culture. Karl’s dream is to visit Japan and live there one day.

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