Dark Gathering Episode 2 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch Online

The Phonebooth spirit is gone but Yayoi will be hunting her new target in Dark Gathering Episode 2 as Keitaro has agreed to help her so that she can find her mom.

In the first episode of Dark Gathering, we saw that the protagonist Keitaro is able to see the supernatural and also hates to encounter them. It was all because of an incident that happened in his school time that left him and a friend injured and he turned into the way he is now because he does not want to hurt people because of him anymore.

Dark Gathering Episode 2 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Netflix Crunchyroll EP 2

Eiko helped him a lot to change his condition and now he is somehow improved and is in college. Yayoi who is in third grade has her own reasons to follow the spirits and looks like Eiko and Keitaro are going to get dragged into her adventures because of their sympathetic nature towards Yayoi.

Dark Gathering Episode 2 Release Date and Time

After the strong premise, Dark Gathering Episode 2 is going to be released on 17th July 2023 at 1:05 AM JST. The anime will be a two-part show and will run for a total of 25 episodes that are going to air this and the next season.

Dark Gathering Episode 2 Release Date17th July 2023
Dark Gathering Episode 2 Release Time1:05 AM JST
9:05 AM PT (16th July)
12:05 PM ET (17th July)

Where to Watch Dark Gathering Episode 2 Online?

Dark Gathering Episode 2 will be available to stream on four services depending on the serving region. In France, it will be on Animation Digital Network while in Taiwan it can be watched on Bahamut Anime Crazy. HIDIVE will provide the series Worldwide excluding Central America, South America, and Asia, and in Asia, it will be directly released on the official Youtube channel of Muse Asia and others.

Dark Gathering Episode 1 Recap

In the very first episode of the supernatural series, we saw that Keitaro who topped the university exam was about to give a speech in front of all college students. Things for Keitaro were not so good in the past as he was shut-in in his home for almost two years because of some supernatural incident that happened during his school time.

We then saw that Eiko, a long-time friend of Keitaro tried to take a picture with him but it got distorted in some manner. Then it got revealed that Keitaro can see spirits and the spirits wanted him and that is the reason he was not able to take pictures.

We then saw that it was some horror incident that injured himself and his friend and that affected Keitaro and he locked himself inside so that he will not hurt anyone anymore. Eiko helped him to improve his social skills and also landed him a job as a tutor. On the first day, Eiko and Keitaro’s surprise they realized that Keitaro is hired by Eiko’s cousin.

Dark Gathering Episode 2 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Netflix Crunchyroll EP 2

Eiko’s cousin is a prodigy but she is more interested in spirits. She then took Eiko and Keitaro to a place that she heard on the internet and Keitaro called out the spirit but they got scared and ran away from there. The next day they went to the same place but this time the spirit locked Keitaro inside and tied him with a phone cable.

Yayoi then used her methods and was able to stop that spirit. We then saw that she trapped the spirit inside a telephone. The telephone then was put in her room and we saw that there are so many spirits and the phone spirit got devoured by the other spirit. So this means there is more to the story and Yayoi is some kind of exorcist who is looking for her mother.


The story follows a college freshman Keitaro Gentouga who is scared of ghosts but also an unlucky guy as he has something special about him that attracts the spirits. This not so wanted ability to attract ghosts led him into an incident where he and his friend got injured. This event had a bad impact on Keitaro and led him to become a shut-in for two years.

He got scared that again something like that incident might happen and someone might get hurt because of him. Because of this he has very poor social skills but is improving as his childhood friend Eiko Houzuki is helping him to recover from the trauma those things caused. As a thing to improve his social skills, he takes up a job as a tutor and finds out his first student is Eiko’s cousin.

Yayoi Houzuki is a prodigy in academics but she is more interested in spirits and is similar to Keitaro and can see spirits. But unlike Keitaro, she is not scared of the spirits and wants to encounter them and find out what happened to her mother in an encounter with the unnatural. Well, they all go to a haunted place for that, and seems like Keitaro’s job is completely different from what he got hired for.

Dark Gathering” is a supernatural manga created by Kenichi Kondō. The manga is currently serialized in Shueisha’s Shonen magazine named Jump Square. The manga began its serialization in 2019 and is still ongoing. For more info about Dark Gathering Episode 2 and other anime also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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