Demon Slayer Mugen Train – Highest Grossing Movie of 2020

Yes, you read it right. Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie is now on the top of the list of highest-grossing movies which were released in Calander Year 2020. From the recent report of Numbers, Demon Slayer Mugen Train has earned a total of 51.6 Billion Yen (474.6 million dollars) from its overall run into theatres.

Demon Slayer Mugen Train - Highest Grossing Movie of 2020 Infinity

The Demon Slayer Movie was announced back in April 2020 after season 1 ended and It was released in Japanese Theatres on 16th October 2020. The movie is still in theatres in the USA so if you are from there you should not miss the chance.

Also, Demon Slayer Season 2 is in production which is set to release late this year. Some details were released with the announcement like- Key Visual, trailer but some information and a specific release date is yet to be revealed for Season 2.

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The movie picks up right after where season 1 ended. The story is set on a mysterious train where people are reported missing and as per the reports demons might be behind these incidents. Flame Hashira is taking on this mission and Tanjiro and other trainees join him.

Enmu, A member of the twelve Kizuki is waiting on the mysterious train for Flame Hashira, Tanjiro, and others. To find out more you can see the trailer below

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