Discover The Surprising Link Between Anime & Online Casinos

At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be much in common between Anime and online casinos. However, scratch the surface and dig a little deeper, you’ll find a surprising number of things these two pastimes have in common. 

Cultural Significance

Gaming has been around in one form or another since the beginning of humanity. It has gone through periods of immense popularity and times when it has been banned for one reason or another. 

Even today, some countries have a complete ban on gambling of any type. Fortunately, the internet makes online casinos easier than ever to access, allowing anyone to play, regardless of their location. 

Anime is also culturally significant, particularly in Japan. It is generally seen as a way to creatively interpret different aspects of life. It’s been around since the beginning of the 20th century although this approach to life is reflected in many earlier Japanese traditions. 

It’s also fair to say that anime has helped bridge the cultural differences between the West and Japan. 

Anime Copies Life

Anime is based on life experiences. That’s why it’s not surprising that many anime’s are based on gambling, although not specifically online casinos. 

For example, a 2001 anime, “The Legendary Gambler Tetsuya” tells the story of a talented gamer leaving in Japan after WWII. He makes a lot of money playing Mahjong until a far more experienced player beats him. 

This prompts Tertsuya to find out more about the world of gambling and perfect his skills. It’s education, and fun, much like an online casino can be. 

There are plenty of other examples, such as ‘Kakegurui’ and ‘Death Parade’.

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Social Integration

Both anime and online casinos reach people from widely different cultures across the planet. They both provide the opportunity to engage socially with others, whether directly on the site or via forums. 

This social connection is important to humans, helping to bolster self-worth and feel appreciated in life. 

In an increasingly digital world, feeling connected to others is becoming harder and more essential. Anime and online casinos can help connect people.

In this sense, anime and online casinos are much more than just a bit of fun, they play an important role in quality of life. 


Anime is colourful, fascinating, and often bends the truth. Poker is fascinating and can certainly become colourful when accusations of cheating arise. 

However, to really bend the truth and experience something outlandish you need to check out some of the latest online slot machines. For example, Fields of Fortune crossbreeds animals with flowers, it’s no joke! That’s not even the strangest part! 

This game allows sunflowers to become cute cubs before they turn into man-eating lions. The rose is more understandable, becoming an innocent girl then a woman!

It’s hard to say which has the more colourful storyline, slot machines or anime. However, one thing is certain, they are both full of character and great fun!


Before online casinos, there were physical ones. These were generally built to accommodate the local culture and heritage. That’s why, in Monaco, you’ll find some of the most luxurious casinos in the world. In contrast, a casino in Texas has a more ‘Wild West’ feel. 

The great thing is that online casinos can, and do, adopt these themes. You can visit the online casino and find yourself almost anywhere in the world. It’s even possible to be in a fantasy world. 

The same is true for anime, it interrogates values and culture but allows you to be transported anywhere on the planet, and off of it!


Of course, there is also a very obvious connection. Online casinos and gambling are both types of entertainment.  If you try anime and like it, you’ll find it hugely entertaining and probably won’t be able to get enough of it. Of course, the fact that there are many different genres of anime means you’re certain to find something you enjoy.

Online casinos are the same, with such a wide array of games it’s virtually impossible not to find one that you enjoy playing. Winning is simply a great bonus!

Summing Up

Online casinos are extremely popular, they can even be life-changing if you manage to win big. Anime can be said to be the same. They have been popular in Japan for many years and are becoming increasingly popular in the West. As anime represents a personalized view of real events, it can also teach you life lessons.

In short, if you’re into anime then you’ll probably enjoy the thrill of online casinos, and vice versa. 

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