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Dr Stone Chapter 186 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 186 will begin with the crisis of Suika as she was spotted by Stanley’s soldier in the previous chapter. The raw scans for chapter 186 are out. Keep reading below for spoilers and release date.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Senku and Ryusui support the idea of petrifying the whole island for winning the battle against Stanley and his team. Kaseki is able to open a device without breaking it, but faces a problem while starting it. Gen suggests they should just put the used diamond battery once again so that the device could fire a single shot, but Kaseki says that he tried it before and it didn’t work as the device is very old. The only remaining option is to make a new battery from the diamond.

Dr Stone Chapter 186 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date
Dr Stone Chapter 186

Kaseki works hard but is unable to make a battery. Senku watches him and says that the process of trial and error is a beauty of science. Chrome says that the diamond made by Kaseki is stronger than the diamonds inside the Medusa. After hearing this, Kaseki thinks of an idea and finds out that every diamond inside Medusa can be broken into two similar-shaped diamonds.

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Xeno says that it is because of the cleavage plane. Kaseki gets a hint and starts to make diamond batteries. The team decides that Suika will the member who will stay hidden during the petrification and will later revive her teammates. Ryusui suggests that Francois should accompany Suika.

At the place of hiding, Suika notices that Stanley’s forces have arrived on the island. She sees that Ginro and Matsukaze are with them. A spider bites Charlotte, Francois thinks that whether she should help Charlotte. Suika rushes to help Charlotte. Xeno says that Senku’s team will lose as his team is kindhearted. At the same time, Suika is spotted by the enemies.

Dr Stone Chapter 186 Release date

Dr Stone 186 will be released on Sunday, 21st February 2021 along with other popular titles like My hero academia, Black clover, etc. Dr Stone Chapter 186 raw scans are already out but we can not share them here as it is against Shueisha’s copyright policy but you can see the full summary of raw scans below.

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Dr Stone Chapter 186 Release Date21st February 2021
Dr Stone Chapter 186 Raw Scans Release Date19th February 2021

Dr Stone Chapter 186 Spoilers

This chapter will deal with the ongoing Suika’s crisis. Some of the key spoilers are as follows –

  • Suika observes the enemy and starts running away.
  • Francois sees this and throws a knife towards Matsukaze as only Matsukaze knows how to fight.
  • Matsukaze cuts Ginro’s rope as it was easy than cutting his own ropes.
  • Ginro is scared and doesn’t know what step to take, but he remembers that he was the gatekeeper of Ishigami village and prepares to fight.
  • Stanley shoots and stops Ginro. Francois observes that none of the bullets hit Ginro.
  • Francois then steps forward and says that they have no affiliation with Senku’s group and they were just treating Stanley’s teammate.
  • Stanley takes both Suika and Francois as hostages.
  • Leonard observes that Francois had sent a morse code before surrendering herself, to which Francois replies that it was sent to the people of South America.
  • Kohaku asks that what happened to Suika.
  • Senku says that they might have made a contact with Stanley’s team.
  • The last page shows that Ukyo has found about the enemy’s location.
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Where To Read Dr Stone Chapter 186?

There are two ways to read the manga for free. You can read Dr Stone 186 on Viz Media’s official website or on Shueisha Japan’s official Manga Plus mobile website and app. These sources provide the latest chapters of your favorite manga available for free. For reading the complete manga you have to pay some bucks.

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