Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date, Time Where to Watch?

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 is releasing this week and now the Kingdom of Science is on the way to Full Assault. In the previous episode, we have seen how Gen has successfully delivered the cell phone to the Taiju and Yuzuhira.

The last episode was full of humor and emotions. It was very emotional to watch Senku and Taiju talking after a year and even after that their trust is unwavering. The Story also has a twist when the allied from Tsukasa troops found out to be Lillian’s ultimate fan and how she raised the difficult questions in order to find out if it’s really her.

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date, Time Where to Watch

It was amazing to see how Senku replied to difficult questions that the Tsukasa guard asked. Also, the twist was then when she finds out that it’s not her and how Senku convinced her and made her on his side.

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date and Time

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 is set to release on 4th January, Thursday at 10:30 PM according to Japanese Standard Time (JST). The time for the episode release may be different depending upon the location where you live.

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date 4 February 2021
Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Release Time 10.30 PM JST

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Preview

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 is finally going to start the awaited ‘Stone Wars’ between The Kingdom of Science and The Tsukasa Empire. Check out the preview for episode 4 here

Where to watch Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4

You can watch Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4 on AnimeLab if you reside in Australia & New Zealand. It will also be available to watch on Crunchyroll with English Subtitles and for English Dub, you have to watch it on Funimation but it is only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

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Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

In the last episode, we have seen that Chrome, Gen, Manta successfully delivered the cell phone to Senku’s Grave. At the start of the episode, Taiju and Yuzuhira visit the Senku’s grave as usual. Soon Yuzihira noticed that someone has dug the grave and buried something in the ground.

Yuzuhira clarified that they cannot dig the grave and everyone will notice but somehow Taiju’s shoveled his strong hand and found the cell phone that the Gen has hidden. But one Tsukasa Spy was watching them. Then the emotions are glorified when after a year Taiju hears Senku’s voice, both Taiju and Yuzuhira were all in tears, even Senku was in tears.

Dr Stone Stone wars Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Where to watch

This scene has created a very beautiful moment of love between the two friends. Everybody in the Kingdom of Science was happy and super excited as their cell phone worked and villagers were just surprised that how one can talk to each other through such a distance. Senku then comes to the point and explains the plan to the Taiju and Yuzihira.

The Plan – Senku describes told that they first need someone from the Tsukasa Army to become an ally. The villagers told Senku that it will difficult for Taiju to get someone. But Senku was optimistic about Taiju and he believes him from the bottom of the heart, that what the bond of love.

As Senku describes the plan to Taiju, he just asks one question that whether “it is the best plan to avoid bloodshed”. To which he replies Yes. Then Taiju clarifies if this is what Senku thinks then he has no more question to ask, this plot clarifies that even after so much time apart their trust Is unwavering.

They demonstrate true friendship to the villagers. Senku asks Taiju that is there any message that Gen may have left to which Taiju disagrees, this created a doubtful picture in Senku’s Mind. The next plot shows the Team Gen, Chrome, and Magna they were stuck in bushes. They were driven by one of the Tsukasa subject Ukyo-Chan with excellent hearing capacity, he was there to kill them.

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It was important for Gen to return to the village in order to execute the plan. Then Crome has an idea of creating fire and smoke with the spare battery that they want to give to the Taiju. Chrome then creates the fire and ran into the bushes to distract Ukyo-Chan and made the way for Gen to run towards the village. In the last of the plot, Gen reached the village.

Dr Stone Stone wars Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Where to watch

In the next plot, Yuzuhira knows from whom to start ( making the ally from Tsukasa Army ) it was the guard watching over them Nikki-San. Taiju asks Nikki to hear him but she refuses and this created humor in the plot. Nikki then commands Taiju to stop convincing her and say only “Yes” and pound for every other word he says.

Nikki keeps pounding Taiju but he didn’t stop and told her that she can pound him for every word he says but she has to listen to what his dear friend has to say and that’s it urgent. She was then convinced by Taiju.

In the next plot, Senku called Taiju and talks to Nikki, it was Gen in the voice of Lillian Weinberg(a Famous Singer in the USA). After listening to this famous singer’s voice Taiju got surprised and told Nikki that they were saved, but Yuzuhira gets Senku’s plan and finds out that Senku is playing her.

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Both fortunately and unfortunately Nikki was a very big and dear fan of Lillian, it was Lillian’s one that drove the emptiness from Nikki’s life back in that time. Nikki clarifies if it’s not really Lillian then she will slash them to ashes. To clarify that if it’s really Lillian she asks Gen some questions that only real Lillian can answer.

The first one is how many copies of her song have been sold till then, to which Senku answers logically. She then asks about the dimensions of her body to which Senku hesitated but gave an approx answer. Nikki then realizes that even in this world Lillian is professional to keep the fantasy alive for her friend. After these two questions,

Nikki gets that it’s not real Lillian and someone is playing her. Gen then becomes confused about whether to keep talking or whether he will be having a chance to play Lillian’s song or not. But Senku didn’t hesitate and played the song recording that they have the one recorded by his father.

After listening to the song Nikki’s heart was spirited to great amusement and she asks Senku if he can bring Lillian other songs, but he refuses and told her that all her recording must have been decade ten billion percent. But all he can promise is to preserve this one last recording of her song.

He then told Nikki that he has to protect the recording with his life in order to trick Tsukasa troop and since she wants to protect the recording even if it kills her, that means they both are on the same team. Nikki then convinced and become the ally of the Kingdom of Science. For more, we will have to wait for Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 4.

Dr stone anime series is based on the Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by the South Korean artist Boichi. The manga series is currently is in serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

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