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Dr. Stone Season 2 Premieres on January 14th!

Dr. Stone Season 2 was announced at the end of the 24th episode of the 1st Season. Dr. Stone Season 1 was one of the best anime series of 2019 without a doubt and was loved by fans for its story and very unique setting. It also attracted science lovers as the story is solely based on Science and Inventions and everybody is waiting eagerly for Dr. Stone Season 2.

Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date
Dr. Stone Season 2

Season 1 aired for a total of 24 episodes from July 2019 to December 2019 and ended with an announcement of Dr. Stone Season 2.It can be officially seen on Crunchyroll in different languages. Season 2 will be officially titled as ‘Dr. Stone: Stone Wars‘ and will release sooner than you expected amidst production being affected by the ongoing pandemic.

A new visual was released on the official Twitter account for the anime containing the focus characters for this season and the official release date. The fight between The Science Kingdom VS Armed Empire is about to begin. Here is the key visual –

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2 New Key Visual
Dr. Stone Season 2 New Key Visual

A new trailer was also released on the twitter account. Here is the new trailer

Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date

The official release date has been announced for Dr. Stone Season 2 and Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 1 will premiere on 14th January 2021. We have to wait for a specific date announcement that might come very soon. We will update this article as soon as we receive any information about Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date.

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Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date14th January 2021

Dr. Stone Season 2 Story (No Spoilers)

Dr. Stone ended on a very high note and fans are eagerly waiting for Dr. Stone Season 2 to arrive. Well, what we can expect from Dr. Stone season 2? Dr. stone season 2 will focus on the feud between Senku’s ‘Kingdom of Science‘ and Tsukasa’s Strong-willed Empire and the fight will be named as ‘Dr. Stone: Stone Wars‘ as the official title for season 2 suggests.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Release Date Spoilers
Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

The anime will continue from where season 1 ended. It will be very exciting to see how Dr. Stone: Stone Wars unfolds. We are sure that it will have the same energy and the same comedy but we might also some romance and we don’t have to tell you between who.

Dr. Stone Season 1 Recap

Dr. Stone Season 1 story mostly revolves around our protagonist Senku Ishigami and his classmates Taiju and Yuzuriha. Taiju secretly admires Yuzuriha and wants to confess his feelings but a mysterious green light petrifies the whole world. Now Senku revives after 3700 years of being petrified and tries to find out the solution for revival.

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After 6 months Senku ables to find the formula and revives his friend Taiju and then Yuzuriha. After that, they revive a fighter of that time Tsukasa who is so much power that he can kill a lion with his bare hands. Now, Senku wants to revive humanity but Tsukasa doesn’t want to get back to the same society and plans to kill Senku and attacks him.

After assuming Senku dead he leaves on his own to build a village of youngsters. Senku survives the attack and goes a different way after sending Taiju and Yuzuriha with Tsukasa as spies. Now, Senku discovers a village where people are already living but he was not allowed to enter the village. Senku establishes his own ‘Kingdom of Science’ outside the village. The experiments in the Kingdom of science continuous and they make many modern science things using Senku’s genius and villagers’ workforce.


The story starts in the year 5738. It’s almost 3700 years since a mysterious light petrified all humans. The story revolves around a genius boy Senku Ishigami who wants to become a scientist and does various science experiments out of interest. Suddenly one day after being petrified for 3700 years Senku revives and finds himself in a world where humans are almost non-existent.

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Senku builds a camp and starts studying about the petrification, causes and how can someone be revived from being petrified. After studying and experimenting Senku learns that human revival is possible using Nitric Acid. With this discovery he can revive any human, He starts with his classmates Taiju and Yuzuriha and then revives a martial artist Tsukasa with the goal of rebuilding the civilization centered around science.

Tsukasa opposes the Senku’s decision and believes that the old civilization was not good and should not be restored. Tsukasa wants a civilization based on power and strength. After getting the formula of revival from Senku, he tries to kill Senku realizing that he can not defend himself against scientific weapons created by Senku.

After assuming that Senku is dead he leaves to establish his own world. After recovering from his death experience, Senku discovers a village and finds out that people are already living on the planet. First, the tribe wants to get rid of Senku but after benefiting themselves from Science, they start to trust Senku.

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