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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

After Goku was knocked out by Granolah in the last chapter, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 will start the fight between Vegeta and Granolah. But who is going to dominate this fight is still a mystery as both of them are really strong and one can not decide the outcome just by comparing them. Read the spoilers below to find out what exactly happened.

In the last chapter, an intense battle broke out between Goku and Granolah. Granolah said that he was just using a fraction of his power as he wants to fight their boss (Freeza) to the fullest. He also added that what Goku is seeing is a mere illusion and he can not win against him.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date Viz Leaks Reddit Draft DBS

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To everyone’s surprise, Granolah defeated Goku. Goku is knocked out and lying on the ground. Vegeta is going to take Goku’s place and will fight Granolah in DBS Chapter 74. Vegeta seems pretty confident in his powers.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is set to be released on Tuesday, 20 July 2021 in the Monthly magazine V-Jump by Shueisha Japan. Raw Drafts and spoilers have been released for DBS 74, you can check and read them below.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Release Date20 July 2021
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Raw Scans14 July 2021

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Raw Scans

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Raw Scans or Drafts of the first few pages are out and we are attaching some tweets that contain the information you are looking for.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – Vegeta vs Granolah
  • Chapter starts with Sugarians leaving the city.
  • Vegeta tells Granolah that fusion and cloning are not going to work on him.
  • Granolah says that he was just saving his stamina.
  • He is waiting for Vegeta’s boss, Freeza.
  • Granolah doesn’t know that Vegeta doesn’t work for Freeza anymore and Freeza is also an enemy to them.
  • Granolah is misinterpreting the situation and thinking that Vegeta is trying to save himself by betraying his boss.
  • Oatmeel says that Goku was also saying that he is a good guy but Granolah is not accepting that.
  • Vegeta adds that when Planet Cereal was attacked by Saiyans, he was just a little kid so they are not related to that matter.
  • Granolah is not ready to listen to all this and is determined to take his revenge against Saiyans.
  • Vegeta is also not going to hold it for long and attacks Granolah.
  • Vegeta blows up the ground around Granolah by a massive explosion.
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Full Chapter Summary

  • The whole chapter contains the fight between Granolah and Vegeta.
  • Granolah is clearly more powerful than Vegeta.
  • Goku regains his consciousness and sees Granolah and Vegeta flying.
  • Vegeta tricks Granolah and the impact of the attack destroys the ruins of the city.
  • Granolah gets very angry and kicks Vegeta in the stomach.
  • Granolah then punches Vegeta in the stomach, Vegeta tries to stop him but he breaks through his armor.
  • Vegeta coughs blood.
  • Vegeta begins his transformation and is surrounded by a big fire.
  • Granolah retreats sensing danger.
  • Vegeta transforms using God of Destruction’s powers.
  • This form has black hair, eyes like ultra instinct, no eyebrows, and a more muscular body surrounded by fire.
  • This fight is going to be as intense as ever. The drafts show just the starting of the fight. More will be revealed once the full raw scans get released.
Dragon Ball Super DBS Chapter 74 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date Viz Leaks Reddit Draft

Where to Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74?

Dragon Ball Super 74 can be read on various manga sites but we recommend you use only official sources as the official sources also provide the latest DBS Manga Chapters for free without any hidden charges. You can read DBS Chapter 74 completely free on either Viz media’s official website and Shonen Jump app and also Shueisha Japan’s Manga Plus app and website.

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