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(Update) Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

We are going to see what happened 40 years ago on Planet Cereal in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77. The drafts have been released, you can read full details below.

In the last chapter, we saw that Granolah and Vegeta were still fighting. Vegeta was not in a good condition. The starting pages show Vegeta crashing into an old building. After that Granolah was seen mocking Vegeta by saying ‘What happened? My attacks are not excited anymore?’

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date Viz Leaks Reddit Draft DBS

Then after that attacks Vegeta and kicks him in the gut. Then Granolah mocks Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct saying what happened to your Ultra thing. He adds that fate has decided that the Saiyans should be destroyed.

To this Vegeta replied that he is the only one who decided his fate. This made Granolah very angry and punched Vegeta multiple times. Vegeta gets back up and asks Goku to let him fight alone. Goku advises him to try not to die.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is going to be released on Tuesday, 20th October 2021 in the Monthly magazine V-Jump by Shueisha Japan along with Boruto Chapter 63. Raw Drafts and spoilers have been released for DBS 77, you can check and read them below.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Release Date20th October 2021
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Raw Scans14th October 2021

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Raw Scans

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Raw Scans or Drafts of the first few pages are out and we are attaching some tweets that contain the information you are looking for.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Spoilers

  • Chapter 77 Title – ‘Bardock, The Father of Goku’
  • The first panel shows planet Cereal from 40 years ago.
  • Celerians and Namekians are living happily on Planet Cereal.
  • Both species had a peaceful relation.
  • Then we see ships coming from the sky.
  • The ships belonged to Saiyans and everyone was shown freaking out.
  • Apes and Frieza soldiers were seen invading the planet cereal.
  • Then we see an elderly Namekian handing Dragon Balls to Monaito.
  • Monaito is the last survivor of Namekians.
  • We see an ape with a mark on his face, this is Bardock.
  • Bardock notices a kid running, the kid is Granolah.
  • Bardock follows Granolah to a church where he was with his mother.
  • Cerelians discovered that the moon is the source of power for Saiyans and destroys the moon.
  • Granolah’s mother attacks Bardock who has returned to his normal form.
  • Goku has been already born at the time of the attack.
  • Then in present, Monaito apologizes to Granolah for not telling the truth and says to Goku that he is very much like his father.
  • Goku says that he doesn’t know anything about his past and was raised by his grandfather on earth.
  • Granolah asks about his mother Monaito and he continues the story.
  • In the past we see Leek comes to church to inform Bardock that the mission is over and orders to retreat have been given.
  • Bardock says that he is making sure that there are no survivors and he’ll be out soon.
  • Then after being attacked by Muesli (Grnolah’s mother) he hides among some trees and finds out that there are 4 people on the mountain.
  • They are the 4 brothers of the Heeter Force.
  • Elec is planning to sell the planet to the Sugarians.
  • He also says that he is going to defeat Frieza with power and intelligence.
  • Granolah who was unconscious wakes up and leaves the house to search for his mother.
  • Bardock panics and starts yelling, this alerts the heeters.
  • Heeters arrive at the house where Bardock is about to attack Muesli, Granolah, and monaito.
  • Elec asks Bardock about them and Bardock tells him that they are the survivors and he is going to kill them and also adds the Namekians possess some strange powers.
  • Suddenly, Elec pulls out a gun and shoots Muesli, and asks Bardock to kill the kid as soon as possible.
  • Bardock gets angry and attacks Heeters and escapes from there.
  • Monaito tries to save Muesli but it’s too late for that.
  • Elec says that he is going to kill them all.
  • In the present, we see Elec and Gas on their ship, where Elec asks Gas if he remembers what happened 40 years ago.
  • Gas says that he remembers it and it is not going to happen again.
  • Elec shows a dragon ball and says if something happens they have these.
  • The chapter ends with Macki saying ‘Let’s go for the second dragon ball’.
Dragon Ball Super DBS Chapter 77 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date Viz Leaks Reddit Drafts

Where to Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77?

Dragon Ball Super 77 can be read on various manga sites but we recommend you use only official sources as the official sources also provide the latest DBS Manga Chapters for free without any hidden charges. You can read DBS Chapter 77 completely free on either Viz media’s official website and Shonen Jump app and also Shueisha Japan’s Manga Plus app and website.

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