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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

The fight between Gas and Bardock is still going on in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83. Looks like Gas is dominating the fight but we can not underestimate Bardock too. Read more about it in the spoilers section below.

In the last chapter, we saw Goku and Gas arriving at The Galactic Patrol Headquarters. Everyone, there was confused as they did not understand what was happening. Gas and Goku were fighting without giving any attention to their surroundings. Gas kicked Goku while Goku defended the attack.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Viz Leaks Reddit Drafts DBS Mangaplus Read

Goku was injured but Gas was not stopping and was attacking him repeatedly. Goku then decided to take a break from the fight and teleported himself but Gas followed him. Then they teleported a few more times while still fighting. Gas told Goku that he can not run away from him.

Then we got to know the story from 40 years ago. Goku had a flashback of his Dad Bardock who is telling him to survive no matter what. In the chapter, Bardock appeared and then he indulged in the fight with Gas as they wanted to finish their fight that started 40 years ago. The fight will continue in this chapter.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 is scheduled to be released on Friday, 20th April 2022 in the Monthly V-Jump magazine by Shueisha Japan. Raw Drafts and spoilers have been released, you can check them below.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Release Date20th April 2022
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Raw Scans19th April 2022

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Raw Scans/Drafts

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Raw Scans or Drafts of the first few pages have been released, while spoilers for the complete chapter have been released, you can read them below. You can see these drafts below as we are attaching some tweets that contain the raw drafts.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Gas vs Bardock 2’
  • Gas continues to attack Bardock with his mace.
  • Monaito tells Bardock to leave him and Granolah behind and save his life.
  • Gas is annoyed and changes his form.
  • Monaito takes two dragon balls out and thinks that it is okay to use them for someone from another planet.
  • Gas tells Bardock to give up, Bardock is hyped to fight someone this strong.
  • Trombo the dragon appears and was summoned by Monaito.
  • Monaito asks Trombo to send Bardock to Planet Vegeta.
  • Trombo talks to Bardock about it and Bardock refuses.
  • Monaito requests Bardock again but he refuses.
  • Elec, Maki, and Oil are watching the fight from distance.
  • Gas and Bardock are still fighting, Bardock is very tired and falls to the ground.
  • Gas continues to attack him and rips off his tail.
  • Gas then changed into his Broly form and attacks Bardock and Monaito both.
  • Gas grabs Bardock by his neck and tells him that he is going to find the kid and kill him too.
  • Bardock explodes a large Ki ball in his hand and gets free from the hold.
  • Bardock has regained his strength and attacks Gas repeatedly.
  • Gas says that why Bardock is fighting him when he knows he can not win?
  • Then asks about the motive why Bardock is fighting if it is not for revenge.
  • Bardock says that he cares about beating the guy standing in front of him.
  • An aura covers Bradock’s body and he punches Gas really hard.
  • Gas is confused, Bardock says that Saiyans evolve often.
  • Then Bardock attacks Gas with a Ki ball, Gas falls to the ground and is unconscious.
  • Elec approaches his brother Gas and says that he needs to train more.
  • Then he notices that Bardock is still alive and shoots him with a gun.
  • The shot goes through Bardock’s right arm and he falls from a cliff.
  • Then Frieza’s ship arrives and Maki calls Elec who was going after Bardock.
  • Elec leaves, and Monaito arrives and starts healing Bardock.
  • Monaito tells Bardock that he has won and Granolah and he both have survived.
Dragon Ball Super 83 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Viz Leaks Reddit Drafts DBS Mangaplus Read

Where to Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83?

Dragon Ball Super 83 can be read on various manga sites but we recommend you use only official sources as the official sources also provide the latest DBS Manga Chapters for free without any hidden charges. You can read DBS Chapter 83 completely free on either Viz media’s official website and Shonen Jump app and also Shueisha Japan’s Manga Plus app and website.

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