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Fena: Pirate Princess Reveals New PV, Visuals: Special Premiere in August

Production I.G’s new original Fena: Pirate Princess will have a special two-episode premiere by Crunchyroll on August 14. The premiere will be broadcasted worldwide outside Japan in the subbed version.

While the dubbed version will be broadcasted by Adult Swim in North America on the same day.

Two trailers have been revealed, a subbed one from Crunchyroll and a dubbed one from Adult Swim. Both of the trailers are very different from each with very few things in common.

Fena: Pirate Princess | Official Trailer | adult swim

The dubbed trailer begins with Fena getting dressed to get married, while she reminisces about how on this exact day she was washed up on the shore of this island separated from Yukimaru, who promised to find her no matter what.

Back in the present, she refuses to get married off to some stranger and suddenly she’s being rescued by a stranger who asks her to follow him. Soon she was given a mysterious stone which was entrusted to Yukimaru by her father, Francis.

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But Fena is the only one who can decode the mystery behind the transparent white stone. And soon she joins a crew of Samurai Pirates to find the purpose behind the existence of the stone.

Fena: Pirate Princess | A Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Production | OFFICIAL TRAILER 3

The subbed trailer begins with Fena being rescued by Yukimaru from a burning ship in her childhood. Followed by a mysterious stone on a slab with written scripts on it.

Then it shows Fena with a samurai pirate crew along with a grown Yukimaru years after being separated years ago from the burning ship. Next the whole crew along with Fena stands in front of an entrance in a cave with mysterious scripts written on it which needs a key to open the entrance. The crew’s main motive is to find Eden which can only be found using Fena’s mysterious childhood memories.

As you can see both the trailers have different information which you can add up and come up with an overall idea of what’s waiting for you. So please do watch both of them.

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Regarding the animation quality, it seems the usual Production I.G style with more fluid animation supporting it.

Besides that, a brand new visual has also been revealed.

Fena: Pirate Princess Reveals New PV, Visuals: Special Premiere in August Release Date Episode 1

In the visual, we can see Fena with her samurai pirate crew on a boat. An island can be seen in the background along with numerous boats.

Eight new character designs have also been revealed.

Enju - Fena: Pirate Princess
Fena - Fena: Pirate Princess
Kaede - Fena: Pirate Princess
Karin - Fena: Pirate Princess
Makaba - Fena: Pirate Princess
Shitan - Fena: Pirate Princess
Tsubaki - Fena: Pirate Princess
Yukimaru - Fena: Pirate Princess

The English voice acting cast has also been revealed:

Name of the Voice ActorName of the Character
Brittany CoxFena
Robb MoreiraYukimaru
Nicholas CordaShitan
Anjali KunapaneniKarin
Brandon WincklerEnju
Darrel J DelfinKaede
Alan LeeTsubaki
Thomas E WynnMakaba

With all that said, we have to wait and see if Fena: Pirate Princess turns up as impressive as recent originals such as Odd Taxi, Akudama Drive, Wonder Egg Priority or gets lost in the sea of ongoing seasonals which leaves not so much time to spare on average shows.

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