Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Season 4 Recap

If volleyball is your favourite sport, and anime is your favourite genre, then you’re just at the right place! I’m sure you already know about the manga series Haikyuu!! Here we are with all its latest updates, release date, trailer link, voice actor information, etc.

Written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate, the manga series Haikyuu has been adapted into an anime by Production IG (the same people who produced the Attack on Titan anime). The series follows the high school volleyball team at Karasuno High School as they work their way towards the national championships. The rating of Haikyuu on IMDb is 8.7!

If I were, to be honest with you, the anime studios are as inconsistent as ever with their releases, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your Haikyuu!! 

This series shows the friendships and rivalries of the characters and the repercussions of being on a high school volleyball team. Over the seasons, new characters are introduced, and new techniques are played by the players, thus we can see growth in each character and the story only gets intriguing.

Haikyuu fans have been waiting for so long for the release of the latest final season, season 5! Scroll further if you’re looking for the official release date for Haikyuu Season 5!


If you’re a fan of the Haikyuu!! anime, then you’re going to want to mark your calendars for the official Haikyuu release date of season 5! The fans of Haikyuu were already in rage when a four-year gap was seen between seasons three and four when season four came in 2020.

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Well, I have some news for you. Good and bad.

Do you want the bad news first? Are you sure? Here goes.

There will be no Season 5 for Haikyuu!! 

No, don’t get disappointed so soon, I have good news too. 

The wrapping up for Haikyuu!! Will be done in a compilation feature film called ‘Haikyuu!! FINAL’. YAYYYY! I know right??

Looks like the overwhelming response Haikyuu!! has received so far definitely helped to convince the producers to make more seasons or movies. 

In December 2020, Haikyuu!!’s English-language Twitter account did make an announcement saying that they were looking forward to the continuation of the series, and thanked the “Haikyu!! anime team for their hard work.” 

The news that Haikyuu!! Season 5 is currently in the works has also made us believe that the next season is just around the corner. In fact, a music producer in Japan, Yoshiki Kobayashi, informed fans at the end of June 2020, that recording has already begun for HaiKyuu!! Season 5. However, there has been no word as of yet about Haikyuu!! Season 5. 

But that’s not all! According to the official Twitter account of the franchise, “Haikyu!! FINAL” is now confirmed to be the last movie in the franchise, along with the sequel to Haikyu!! FINAL, which will be released in 2023 as a “twice-part movie”, kicking off in August 2023 with a special event. So the exact and official Haikyuu release date is still unannounced, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!


Haikyuu Season 5,Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date

Amidst the ending of Haikyuu Season 4, Shoyo Hinata appears distressed and out of control as he misses a chance to score a point early on in the game, as the season concludes. Tobio Kageyama told Hinata that he would never be able to set him the ball again if he did that again during a match. However, Kageyama knew that Hinata sensed something clicked with him when he saw Korai Hoshiumi’s stunning leap.

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Several reports indicate that Shoyo Hinata, the star of the show, is likely to move to Karasuno High School in the final movie so that he can learn volleyball and even qualify for nationals there. Moreover, it is also possible that the fifth season will also be accompanied by a new storyline that will not be related to Season 4 or the previous seasons

Chilling how we already know what a hit the movie will be. Absolutely cannot wait!


  • Shoyo Hinata – Ayumu Murase 
  • Tobio Kageyama – Kaito Ishikawa

It is assumed that all the voice actors would be the same for the next season as the fourth season. Some new voice actors with new characters will also be introduced.


It is disappointing enough that there will be no season 5 of this amazing evolutionary series, and the entire manga with all its important parts will be shown in a movie for about two hours. But on the positive side, we have the link to the trailer for the movie. 

Considering the Haikyuu!! Final movies have a runtime of about 2 hours, it’s hard to imagine if there’s enough time to cover everything in the story. I’m pretty sure that for the manga readers of Haikyuu, two hours will do no justice to the story! We want more!


One question that is worrying everyone outside of Japan is, “At what platforms will the movie be available?” 

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Unfortunately, no OTT platforms have been mentioned where the movies shall be released. But, it is expected that an announcement will be made once there is any information available regarding this.

However, I assure you that you all will be informed as soon as any of the platforms are revealed! Until then, don’t lose hope! Keep following us and we will keep you updated with all the latest information about the film!

Looking at the increasing popularity of the show in the past years, it will not be a surprise if the movie gets released on Netflix. 

The last season of the anime also achieved record numbers in the terms of viewership and audience. There is no doubt that this represents the success of the show and how popular it is among the general populace. So don’t be surprised if the next upcoming movie “Haikyuu!! Final” is on one of the top streaming platforms. And for a fact we all know, the movies will be deserving of the top.

There is no doubt as to why this show is so popular not only in Japan but across the whole globe. This can be attributed to the fact that it revolves around volleyball, one of the most popular sports in the world. It is surprising to see young kids playing the sport with so much enthusiasm. Also, there is a lot of action in the show which makes it extremely fun to watch. Not only this but there are also a lot of interesting characters and storylines which make the show more fascinating to watch. 

So if you are a volleyball fan, there’s no doubt you will love this show!

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