Here’s some anime you should watch if you’re a Potterhead

The Harry Potter movie series is a worldwide phenomenon that attracted legions of dedicated fans that never stopped loving the books and films. Many grew up with the series, and seeing the main cast of characters grow and overcome challenges gave many the strength to push through their difficulties as well. The complexities of the story, the attention-grabbing magical elements as well as the many different interpretations of the story that you can have (which have often sparked very heated debates among the fans) are just some of the reasons that Harry Potter continued to be so loved by people of all ages. 

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However, if you know someone that’s already watched the movies a hundred times, you can also provide them with some recommendations of something new to see that is nevertheless reminiscent of the themes and ideas that are central in the Harry Potter world. Here are some anime series that might do the trick and which even the most dedicated Potterheads. 

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Little Witch Academia 

Just from the title, you can tell that this anime has quite a lot in common with Harry Potter, having a similar setting of a magic academy in which students are trained in mysterious arts. The Hogwarts of this world is called Luna Nova Magical Academy. The main character, Kagari Atsuko, joins the school to become a witch but has to deal with constant struggles due to her non-magical background. 

Kiki’s Delivery Service

This Ghibli classic was released in 1989 but remains as relevant as ever. It follows the story of the eponymous Kiki, a thirteen-year-old witch who leaves home on her flying broom accompanied by her black cat, Jiji, in order to complete her training. She reaches the port city of Koriko, where she starts a service of delivering goods by broomstick. She runs into several difficult situations along the way, at some point losing her ability to fly and talk to Jiji, but ultimately regains her sense of purpose and capabilities.

Black Clover 

This story features two main characters, Yuno and Asta, who were both abandoned during their early childhood. Growing up together, they share a common dream of becoming the next Witch King. The two are very different, and only Yuno possesses magical talents. However, just because he doesn’t have the same skills doesn’t discourage Asta, who’s ready to do everything in his power to achieve his goal, much like the plucky heroes of Harry Potter who keep moving forward even when the odds are not in their favor. 

The Ancient Magus’ Bride 

This dark fantasy anime focuses on a romantic storyline that takes place in a supernatural setting. The story begins with an orphaned girl who has been ostracised by her family, much like Harry himself. And just like in his case, her salvation comes from the magical world. A fae named Elias Ainsworth takes her in and makes her an apprentice, with Chise learning that she has magical abilities of her own during the process. 

My Hero Academia 

One of the most popular series on the list, the setting of My Hero Academia, is set in a world in which people have developed magical powers. Despite being born without superpowers, Izuku dreams of becoming a hero and achieving great things. Then, he is scouted by the greatest hero in the world, All Might, who helps Izuku enroll in a school for those training to become superheroes by bestowing him with his abilities. 

The Irregular at Magic High School 

Much like the title suggests, this anime also includes a magical school. Featuring a world in which magic has become a technical skill that anyone can learn, Tatsuya gets into the academy, and his abilities are instantly recognized. He is exceptional, making him similar to Harry, who survived Voldemort’s killing curse during his infancy. The story also features a similar system to the one in Harry potter when it comes to separating students based on their abilities. Those who score low during their entrance exams aren’t expected to accomplish anything, much like squibs, the children of wizards in Harry Potter who, nonetheless, cannot do any magic themselves. 

The Flying Witch 

This anime is the best choice for someone that wants to get immersed in a world full of beauty and magic without the dangerous confrontations and battles. This slice-of-life story features a witch-in-training who must leave home to develop her skills. The anime focuses on the classes she has to take and the fun aspects of the wizarding world. The flying witch portrays magic as a regular part of everyday life that exists to make it a little more special. 

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 

This anime series is based on stories from One Thousand and One Nights; the narrative focuses on Aladdin and Alibaba, the first of whom is a traveler with a Djinn in a flute, while the second aims to capture the Amon dungeon. Morinaga, an ex-slave, joins them, and the dynamics between the trio are one of the main things that make it a must-watch. Their personalities and interactions are reminiscent of those between Harry, Hermione and Ron, as they use their magical abilities to escape tricky situations and help each other out. 

While for Potterheads, nothing will ever be able to surpass the Harry Potter movies, there are many stories out there with similar plotlines that are very enjoyable. A Potterhead will enjoy anime revolving around resourceful and brave heroes who will do everything in their power to set things right. So, if you’re a hardcore fan or know someone who is, these recommendations might be what you’re looking for. 

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