Horimiya Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to watch?

Horimiya Anime is getting more popular after each episode and we are pretty sure that Horimiya Episode 3 will continue this dominance over other ongoing series in the romantic comedy genre. Horimiya Episode 3 is titled “So it’s okay.”.

Episode 2 was full of comedy and the minimal romantic moments we see here and there in the series. First of all, Hori-san doesn’t know Miyamura kun’s full name and for finding this out she tries different methods but fails and when she asks Miyamura directly the atmosphere gets pretty funny and Hori san’s face was quite a watch.

Horimiya Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to watch

Hori san’s mom is also a very funny character and the previous episode introduced some new characters from the series. The second half of the episode shows how Hori gets too much work from the school committee. That moment was pretty cool when Miyamura Kun saves Hori san from the trouble. If you want to read the full recap you can read it below.

Horimiya Episode 3 Release Date and Time

Horimiya episode 3 will be released at 12:30 AM JST on Sunday, 24th January 2021 but it is just crossing 23rd January so you can probably see episode 3 by 23rd night. ( Release date and time depends on your region and timezone. Convert it to your timezone to get the exact idea.)

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Horimiya Episode 3 Release Date24th January 2021
Horimiya Episode 3 Release Time12:30 AM JST

Horimiya Episode 3 Preview

Horimiya Episode 3 preview was released on Horimiya Anime‘s official Twitter account in a tweet. It is also available on Youtube. You can watch the official preview below

Where to watch Horimiya episode 3?

You can watch Horimiya Episode 2 on AnimeLab (Australia & New Zealand with English Dub & Sub), Funimation (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, and Mexico), and Hulu but these services are region bound and will only show episode 3 in selected regions. For southeast Asia, it can be seen on the Bilibili official app and for France, Germany, and other European countries it can be seen on Wakanim.

Horimiya Episode 2 Recap

Horimiya Episode 2, starts with Hori san getting panicked over not knowing Miyamura’s full name. It is very weird for Hori san as Miyamura is visiting her house for at least three months now but she doesn’t know his name. Hori san tries various methods some of them were witty and funny but she can’t get the name.

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At last, she asks Miyamura directly and it turns out that Miyamura Kun’s full name is ‘Miyamura Izumi’. This moment was pretty funny and we got to see a pout face from Hori san. The situation gets more weird and funny when she asks Miyamura her full name and Miyamura returns the right one.

Horimiya Anime 2021 Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to watch
All Horimiya Anime Characters in a single frame

Miyamura’s meeting with Hori’s mom might seem a little weird at first but they got along really well. Later we got to see the members of the Student Council and how they are overworking Hori san.

Something seems shady to Miyamura and others but Hori doesn’t tell them anything but they know that the Student council got some dirt on Hori. The dirt is Hori san used to bully the Student Council President Akane in junior high but now he is the president and taking it out on Hori.

Actually, Hori san has to do the work of the President’s girlfriend. Hori is working hard and completes the work before the deadline but the president’s girlfriend’s recklessness gets Hori in trouble as she says that Hori doesn’t submit the papers. The student council wanted Hori to apologize in front of the whole class.

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The actual thing that happened was Miyamura and Remi collided in the corridor and the documents get left behind by Remi and when Miyamura asks about what to do with these papers she says to throw them away.

When Miyamura sees this he gets angry and headbutts the President and reminds Remi that she is the one who left these papers not Hori. This was a pretty cool and cute moment as Miyamura saves Hori from trouble. But one thing is clear that the council will not trouble Hori san anymore.

The overall episode was pretty great and full of comedy. The mixture of school romance and comedy was portrayed really nicely. If you liked My romantic teen comedy SNAFU and similar series then this show is a must-watch for you.

For more moments we will have to wait for the release of Horimiya Episode 3. Also, keep following Anime Troop for more related content and news about your favorite anime and manga.

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