Horimiya Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to watch?

Horimiya is currently on number three in the animes that got released this Winter 2021 Season (Attack on Titan Season 4 not included as it is considered a Fall 2020 release). Horimiya Episode 4 or the creator like to say Page No. 4 is titled “Everyone likes someone.”

Episode 3 was great as the previous episodes, We saw Horimiya and Toru’s fight over Hori San, How Miyamura was very low confident and gloomy as a child and how he wanted to change that, Hori san showing feelings towards Miyamura Kun when Remi asked Hori about dating Miyamura Kun.

Horimiya Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to watch

Also, that hand scene was great but at least they confessed their feelings and that was very satisfying to watch (Not for all of us including me. That was a little hard for Single people but we enjoyed it.). But overall the episode was pretty great and we want to see the same things from the upcoming Horimiya Episode 4.

Horimiya Episode 4 Release Date and Time

Horimiya episode 4 will be released at 12:30 AM JST on Sunday, 31st January 2021. You can watch it by the 30th night as it is just passing 12 AM. Anyway, the Release date and time depend on your region and timezone. Convert it to your timezone to get the exact idea.

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Horimiya Episode 4 Release Date31st January 2021
Horimiya Episode 4 Release Time12:30 AM JST

Horimiya Episode 4 Preview

The preview for Horimiya Episode 4 was released on the official Twitter account for the anime in a tweet. It doesn’t have English Subtitles because it was exclusively released for Japanese people.

In the preview, we can see Toru helping The Student Council President’s secretary Sakura Kouno and she also notices Toru in later scenes (You know what to expect). Also, we saw a new character and President taking a meeting. Hori san is ill and probably on a leave from school. Check out the official preview here

Where to watch Horimiya episode 4?

You can watch Horimiya Episode 4 on AnimeLab (Australia & New Zealand with English Dub & Sub), Funimation (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, and Mexico), and Hulu but these services are region bound and will only show episode 4 in selected regions.

For southeast Asia, it can be seen on the Bilibili official app and for France, Germany, and other European countries it can be seen on Wakanim.

Horimiya Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 starts with a scene where Miyamura is still a Junior High school and he seems outcasted as he doesn’t talk much and that’s why other kids don’t like him and teachers also do not do anything about this situation but in the present time the things are not the same.

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In the past when the teacher announced a group activity Miyamura was all alone but now he got some real friends like Hori, Toru, and Yuki. After this scene, Miyamura thinks ‘I wish I had this confidence 10 years ago’.

Horimiya Anime 2021 Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to watch

They all are in the same class ‘Class 1’ for this year and after this year they will graduate from school. Toru seemed pretty excited being in the same class with Hori and says “It’s his power of love” (Very poor choice of words) and people start whispering about them dating.

The reason behind all the piercings and tattoos was Miyamura’s isolation and loneliness. After that, we saw some pretty weird talk between Miyamura and Toru on the school roof but it was pretty fun to watch both of them getting awkward about each other.

After that, the scene comes where Remi asks Hori about Miyamura and Hori dating. At first, Hori denies but later Remi says ‘Can I Have him then’ the things got awkward and Hori shouts ‘No, You can’t have him. Miyamura’s mine. I am not giving him to you’.

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Horimiya Anime Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to watch

Later that day Miyamura visits Hori’s house and they watch a horror movie together but Miyamura is pretty scared and for making the scene more interesting, a blackout happens. The real good scene comes after that where Hori and Miyamura confessed their love towards each other’s hands. That was fun but yeah they finally confessed to each other.

In the last segment, Toru hears Remi talking about Hori and Miyamura and gets angry and had a fistfight with Miyamura but Miyamura beats the sh*t out of Toru and they both can be seen in bandages on the next day at school. Yuki and Hori try to find out the reason behind their fight.

And the reason turns out to be Hori san but at last, they both said sorry to each other and now they are buddy buddy again. This ends Episode 3. For more, we will have to wait a little more for Horimiya Episode 4.

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